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Welcome to my website.

Step into my world where art and words converge to tell unique stories. As you explore this space, you'll encounter a diverse array of creations, from photography and digital collages to oil and acrylic paintings, traditional collages, and distinctive jewelry. This is more than just a gallery; it's a journey through my artistic expression and each piece reflects a facet of my artistic and healing journey. The images you see here are more than visual art – each one carries a piece of my story, often accompanied by written words that add another layer of understanding, adding depth to the images. You will also find my Instagram feed at the bottom. This is where I showcase seasonal snapshots of my forest wanderings, my love of plants and my garden, and my moody decor.

As I continue to build this gallery, you'll find additional information accompanying each photo in the coming months. Feel free to click on the images to get a closer look. For deeper insights into my work, you can explore my blog, where I share the thoughts and stories that inspire my creations. Thank you for being a part of this evolving showcase. Enjoy the exploration!

Please be aware that all images are protected by copyright.

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