Exploring Fear Through the Dark Goddess Archetype

Through discussion and shamanic journeying, participants will explore fear through the many aspects and archetypes of the Dark Goddess.

Who is the Dark Goddess, you ask? An often misunderstood and complex goddess, she has been known by many names in many cultures through out history. The Morrigan, Kali, Hecate, and Lilith to name a few. Some of her symbols are the crow, raven, owl, spider, and snake. She is the moonless velvet night sky, the howl of the bitter night winds, the deep dark earth where seeds germinate. The time between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice is her time of the year. As the Crone and Grandmother archetype, she possesses great wisdom. Holding the keys to locked doors and that which is hidden, she knows the unknowable. Being independent and sovereign unto herself, she shows us how to connect with our forgotten wildness and freedom. She creates and destroys, but she never takes without giving something in return. By destroying that which no longer serves us, she makes way for creating new things to come into our lives. She asks us to face our shadow selves and our fears. To practice courage by being brave, not avoiding that which we fear. Fear limits us. As we move past fear, our lives open up to more than we once could have imagined. She asks us to set boundaries, to stand up for ourselves and others. In the Darkness, she offers us rest, renewal and rebirth. Just as bears hibernate in the winter, so can we go within, rest, and reawaken in the spring. When we are lost in feelings of despair and loss, when we fall onto the floor in our grief, she is the gentle voice that whispers to us, "Get up." She is strength. We can find her at the bottom of every breath we take, from our first to our last. Then, she will reveal the Great Mystery of what lies beyond this world.


After discussion, a shamanic journeying experience, and general instruction on how to use charcoal, participants will have time for journaling and beginning an abstract charcoal drawing that may become a stand alone piece of art or be a launching pad for a larger piece of work.

Experience with shamanic journey work is not necessary to participate. Class is open to all. If you do have shamanic journey experience, please bring your usual set up.

What Is Provided: Tea, handouts, 8.5 x 11 white cardstock paper, and charcoal from a shamanic fire to draw with.

What To Bring: Wear comfortable clothes and bring food for yourself. Sometimes people like to bring food to share. That's ok too! Bring a pillow or mat to sit on the floor, blanket, blindfold, journal. Please feel free to bring larger artist paper &/or a sketchbook, clipboard, pencils, color pencils, pens, vine and/or compressed charcoal, chalk pastels, gum eraser and/or other types of erasers, etc.

★ Limited seating available for those who can not be on the floor. Please let me know if you need this option available and a comfy spot will be reserved for you.

Digital art by Karmen Naccarato, Copyright 2015