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Heart Wisdom Session

"Listen to the wisdom of your own heart. That wisdom is the source of wondrous knowledge, deep meaning, and healing, connection to the divine, the mystical and the sublime; leading to the sacred journey towards wholeness and fulfillment." -Karmen Naccarato

Heart Wisdom Session.jpg

In this one hour session you will


• Connect with your heart.

• Learn a simple heart breathing exercise that will bring more ease and flow into your life.

• Receive a message from your heart and what it longs for you to know.

• Learn how to continue your heart work as a daily practice.



• a power animal retrieval.

• printed materials and worksheets.

• 1 ounce heart focused vibrational elixir.

• heart image.


Purchase yourself a gift certificate now and use it later. Message me to set up your appointment. Must be used in one year of purchase date.

Sessions can be done through Zoom or in person at:
Clarity, 6848 N Government Way Ste 116, Dalton Gardens, Idaho.
When you purchase through PayPal your PayPal email address will be used to schedule your appointment. If you need to be contacted at another email address, please specify.
Questions? Please email me.
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