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House Clearing
Home Blessing, Business Blessing, Land Healing
House Clearing


House clearings help to remove negative energies from a home, business, or other location. Some examples are when one’s home does not feel quite right, it feels uneasy, seems to have bad luck or people argue a lot, or if there are spirits that have become a problem. This is very similar to an extraction, but on a home. House clearings are usually done in a trance remotely. Often times this is followed up with a House Blessing.


Home Blessing


Home Blessings often are a follow up to a House Clearing. It can also be used to bless a new home or business. It can help clear negative energies before they become overwhelming. Home Blessings can be done in a variety of ways depending on what ones spirtual beliefs are and what is important to them. Home Blessings are also a beautiful tradition as part of celebrating the new year.

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