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Hexes and Curses
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Could this be a reason you are unable to create the life you desire? This experiential class covers practical, grounded information and solutions for clearing toxic energies from your life that are preventing you from moving forward.

We will cover information about:


The symptoms of being hexed or cursed.

What the differences are between a hex and a curse.

If it's not a curse, what is it?

What steps you can take to clear these on your own.

Maintenance of your own energy body.

Suggested DIY Remedies.

Guided meditations with live drumming.

Learn a simple grounding and heart focused breathing technique.

Create a simple amulet for protection to take home with you.

At what point you need to seek professional help.

Bring a notebook for notes.

*Minimum of 6 people pre-paid required for class to take place.

Moonwillow Apothecary Pop Up Shop

Products will be available for purchase after class.

Presented by Karmen Naccarato and Keryn Richards
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Karmen Naccarato has been a practitioner of earth magick for 25 years, with 19 years of experience in contemporary shamanic practices. She is an ordained minister with Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards, as well as a Priestess of the Sacred Grove through the Red Moon Mystery School. She is a certified spiritual healer, Red Tent facilitator, and Red Drum Leader. Karmen creates handcrafted vibrational potions, gem elixirs, and flower essences from her garden and forest adventures. She is a professional artist and photographer and has been featured in local galleries. Karmen currently teaches workshops and private mentorships, is available for private sessions, and is launching her new spiritual product line called Moonwillow Apothecary.
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Keryn Richards, LMSW has been practicing magick for nearly 20 years. She has trained with The Temple of Ancient Wisdom and The Stella Maris Tradition eventually obtaining Elder status with The Covenant of the Goddess. Keryn is a Reiki Master Practitioner, Certified Heartmath Coach, Holistic Health Practitioner, and Licensed Master Social Worker. Keryn currently works in the mental health field as an EMDR therapist using a Transpersonal Approach blending metaphysical and Evidenced-Based practices to help clients heal from trauma.
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