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Introduction to Journeying

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This workshop is available as a private 2-hour lesson online through a live one-on-one Zoom video call or by phone.

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This is also a great addition to private sessions and mentoring.

Workshop Details

This is a beginning workshop designed for people who want to learn the basics of shamanic journeying using modern practices. No prior experience is needed. This workshop is a prerequisite for many of my classes and workshops including advanced training.


Journeying enables us to directly connect with our compassionate spirit helpers (spirit guides and helping spirits) to receive guidance and information that we can use to help solve problems in our daily lives.


We are able to gain insight into personal questions and life challenges allowing us to feel empowered to move forward with more clarity.


Our spiritual experiences can deepen as dormant abilities are reawakened.


By using these practices we are able to restore a sense of well-being as well as tap into healing energies, not only for our own health, but for others and the Earth as well.


We can also decrease stress, which may assist us in creating new outcomes, allowing us to experience more ease and flow in our day-to-day lives.


We are able to reconnect with nature and the elements, as well as our ancestors and other guides.


We remember who we are so we are better equipped to know where we are going.

What Is Journeying?

Journeying is a form of active meditation where we are able to use specific tools, techniques, and practices to receive direct revelation from our own spirit helpers (spirit guides and helping spirits). We are able to interact with the spirit realm and our guides. Journeying is aided most often by a specific drumbeat or rattling. Many people use the word journeying or taking a journey to describe practices like guided meditation. While these other forms of journeying are beneficial, especially for people who do not have training in shamanic journeying, it is different from having the skills and tools to experience your own journey.


How Does Journeying Benefit Us?

  • Increases a sense of health, wellbeing, and empowerment.


  • Tap into healing energies for others, the Earth, and yourself.


  • Decrease the stress in your life, creating more ease and flow every day.


  • Experience more balance and harmony in your life.


  • Access the wisdom of your own heart.


  • Access healing, guidance, self-love, and your inner truth.


  • Find your life purpose. Discover the gifts that you bring into this world.


  • Claim your power. Remember who you are and whom you came here to be.


  • Receive guidance to create right livelihood in your job search, career, or business.


  • Discover deeper insights into understanding yourself, others, and the challenges you experience in your daily life.


  • Receive guidance and information for problem-solving.


  • Gain insight into difficult personal questions.


  • Offers you creative solutions for personal and global challenges.


  • Connect to the wisdom, love, guidance, support, and protection of your ancestors.


  • Build a lasting reciprocal relationship with your helping spirits.

  • Directly connect and communicate with your own helping spirits: guides, allies, and ancestors.


  • Awaken dormant spiritual abilities.


  • Connect with nature, the elements, and the Earth.


  • Co-create with others to heal our culture and the Earth.


  • Create new outcomes in your life.


  • Create lasting transformation in your life.


  • Create a solid foundation to manifest the life you desire.


  • Improve your relationships with family, friends, and romantic partners.


  • Release stagnant energies that are no longer benefiting you.


  • Let go of that which no longer serves you.


  • Replace these energies with new stories and new energies that will assist you in moving forward.


  • Learn how shamanic practices can be applied to every situation in your life.


  • Enhances your life in all areas: physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually, and more.


During our time together:

  • We will discuss the history of shamanic practice and how it evolved to meet our needs in the modern world. We will also cover what animism is and how it can be used in shamanic journeying.

  • We will talk about how drumming and rattling shift our brainwaves so that we are able to open up our perceptions allowing us to access the spirit realms of non-ordinary reality.

  • You will meet your power animal and connect with your spirit teacher. We will also discuss ways in which you can build and maintain a relationship with your guides and helping spirits.


  • Guided by drumming you will learn how to navigate the shamanic realms of the lower, upper, and middle worlds.

  • A brief introduction to how you can decolonize and personalize your continued journey practice at home.


In-depth printed materials and worksheets will be included along with a 15-minute shamanic drumming CD for your journey practice at home.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I’m happy to help!

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