How to THRIVE During Mercury Retrograde

An Eight Week Online Class

Wouldn't it be GREAT to know how to make Mercury Retrograde work FOR you, rather than feeling like it's shaking your world apart?

Mercury is the planet that rules communication, machines, and travel. When a planet goes retrograde, it appears to stop and moves backward in it’s orbit. This happens with Mercury three to four times a year. It can affect our communication with others, relationships, our phones, computers, cars, anything mechanical, travel plans, and more. Sometimes it can feel as though we’ve been thrown a huge whammy and everything is falling apart!

Each Mercury Retrograde has three phases. The Approach, Retrograde, and The Shadow. This adds up to EIGHT WEEKS! When we put together all of the Mercury Retrogrades for the year and include the three phases of Mercury Retrograde, it adds up to around six months out of our lives, or longer if we experience four Mercury Retrogrades within a year. This is why it’s important to know how to navigate Mercury Retrograde so we can use it to our advantage rather than feeling like we are being completely thrown off balance.


Often times Mercury retrograde is looked at with fear in our hearts and minds. It’s true, without knowing how to navigate Mercury retrograde, we could be looking at a negative, stressful, and overwhelming time. It doesn’t have to be this way! The good news is that Mercury retrograde can not only be navigated, but used to our BENEFIT. How would life be different if you could look FORWARD to using Mercury retrograde energy to shift and benefit your life, rather than hiding from it. This can be a very powerful and useful time for us if we know what to do. Wait.... WHAT? Mercury retrograde can have benefits? It sure can. Don't hide from Mercury Retrograde. Get empowered!

Having had my own experiences with Mercury retrograde through the years, I finally was tired of feeling like my life had been completely derailed every time Mercury Retrograde came around. So I decided to learn about it and face it head on. I share what I know from a shamanic perspective and my own experiences about Mercury retrograde; what I have found useful in getting the most out of this time, and how to use it to your advantage. With these tools, you’ll know how to make the shift from seeing Mercury retrograde as an enemy to seeing it as a very powerful and useful ally.

Join me for the launch of my pilot eight week class during the upcoming Mercury Retrograde where you will learn:


  • Mercury Retrograde... What is it?


  • What is NOT great to do during this time? More importantly, exactly what IS great to do during this time?


  • Many of us choose to set new goals and resolutions for the New Year. I’ll share why this is not a good time to do this under Mercury retrograde and what to do instead.

  • Gain insight on how to get the MOST out of Mercury Retrograde and turn it into a useful and powerful time for personal growth.


  • Get more clarity and control over your life by knowing how to move with ease and flow through Mercury Retrograde.


  • Determine how to use Mercury Retrograde to let go of what no longer serves your highest good.


  • Anticipate and be prepared for Mercury Retrograde so you can use it to your advantage. I’ll also share the dates of all Mercury Retrogrades for 2017.


  • I share simple practices to add to your busy life that don’t take up a lot of time, but DO assist you in shifting your energy for more peace in your day.


  • Learn strategies and tools to better cope with Mercury Retrograde, including several self-care practices, the power of RE words, and more.

  • Receive guidance and support throughout the full eight weeks of Mercury Retrograde through a private Facebook group.

  • I am hoping, in addition to the private Facebook group, we will have four calls during our time together. This is all new technology for me, so hang in there with me on this.  

Dates for our calls are Sundays, at 3:00 Pacific time: December 4th, December 18th, January 8th, January 22nd.

I’ll also be doing weekly live videos in our private Facebook group and other check ins and activities.

You will need access to Facebook, a notebook &/or journal. Some people like their notes with their journaling, some like them separate. You know what’s right for you so do that and it will be perfect.

Since this is the pilot launch of my Mercury Retrograde class, I’m offering this for the super affordable price of $35. Yep, only $35.00.


This class will most likely never be offered at this low investment ever again. As this class is refined the cost will increase. Jump on this pilot offer now. 

 Enroll now to THRIVE During Mercury Retrograde. 

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