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By creating our own oracle cards in a sacred way we can more deeply connect with what is important to us such as themes, symbols, dreams, goals, manifestation, and so many more. There is no limit to what kinds of cards that can be created.
Tapping into our intuition and opening up to guidance from our helping spirits brings about a deeper and richer experience and meaning to cards lovingly made with our own hands. Vision Cards become a valuable tool that is unique to each individual. Each card that is created and birthed into this world becomes part of a larger oracle deck and can be used in a variety of ways.

This sacred creative process can be tapped into by everyone. No prior experience is needed to participate in the beauty of this workshop.

Vision Card          Workshops


Create your very own oracle cards
Slideshow of cards created by past workshop participants and Karmen Naccarato.
Workshop Details

Vision Cards are cards made by you, guided by your unique vision. I believe each one of us has the power to be the Creatrix of our own journey.

Each card is handmade by you. They become a very sacred and powerful personal tool by the very act of creation by your hands while holding your vision, intent, and magick in your mind and heart.

These cards reflect one theme, goal, wish, dream, etc. that we hold dear or desire to manifest in our lives. It could even be a season, element, plants, moon phases, or anything that you wish to connect deeply with. Cards can then be used as part of journey work, daily meditations, placed on a personal altar, or whatever your heart desires. By making cards throughout the year, they can become part of a larger personal deck.


The process that will be taught is about the journey of creation and not the number of cards created. No art experience needed! Art instruction will be provided with easy tips and tricks, as well as ideas to create your own personal deck and how to use it.


After creating your cards, spirit journeying will be used to further deepen the connection and meaning of each card.


A list of supplies will be provided upon registration. You will also be able to purchase collage boxes available in my shop that includes a large selection of beautiful papers, embellishments, stickers, ephemera, magazine and catalog clippings, glitter, ink stamps, charms, and more. These also include materials from my personal collection of goodies over 20+ years. These boxes are completely optional and you do not need to purchase one to participate in the class.


Beginning Vision Card Workshop also includes a beautiful PDF download full of information.

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