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I couldn't find a planner that had everything I needed so I created my own. I gave it to my friends and they loved it as much as I do! So now I'm making it available for purchase as a download. I hope you find it as useful as I have.


  • Downloadable PDF file: Download straight to your computer. You can read it on your computer and also print it out.
  • Track Mercury Retrograde and Moon Phases together.
  • Plan ahead for Mercury Retrograde Cycles using my 5 phase system.
  • Year at a glance.
  • Keep track of important monthly dates like birthdays and special occasions.
  • Monthly calendar dates are blank so you can use them year after year.
  • Monthly correspondences and themes with seasonal themed art for each month.
  • Weekly planning pages help you to stay focused.
  • Menu and grocery planning.
  • Weekly schedule at a glance.
  • Affirmations to encourage you and prompts to help you mindfully create your week.
  • Daily correspondences and planetary symbols.
  • Daily scheduling and planning to keep you on track.
  • Track weather, moon phases, sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset, along with important happenings for each day.
  • Reminders for taking supplements and medications.
  • Track information about your wellbeing.
  • Make time for self care and creating new habits.
  • Word of the Day: select your own or DIY your own cards using the printable card PDF included.
  • Daily journal prompts to help you reflect on your day.
  • Keep track of the current Mercury Retrograde Cycle using my exclusive 5 phase system included on the Mercury Retrograde Moon Calendar.
  • This planner pairs nicely with my THRIVE with Mercury Retrograde home study course.
  • Extra space to journal or write additional information that doesn't fit anywhere else. Could also be used for things like daily tarot journaling or other divination, spiritual, or magickal practices.
  • 63 DIY printable daily word cards.


*Click HERE to purchase THRIVE with Mercury Retrograde home study course.


*Due to the downloadable feature of this online course, all purchases are final.


Download: 2022 Planner Pages

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