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Handcrafted soldered pendant featuring my original Vision Card collage. It is on a 24" stainless steel ball chain and is adorned with a small silver bead and a silver heart charm. Each pendant is hand soldered by me using my own art. Images are printed at a local photo lab on Fuji Crystal Archive professional photo paper. Soldered pendants have a handmade appearance making each pendant one of a kind. The bubbled texture under the glass also adds to its unique look. The paper used for the back of the charm is either from vintage wallpaper or scrapbooking paper.


You are full of beauty, sparkle, abundance, and magick in your own right. You are the gift. You have wings to fly. You are in control of your life. You are sovereign unto yourself. It's wise to listen to YOUR heart and give it the support and time that it needs to trust again.


You are also the protector of your heart and it is important for you to be there for your heart. Not allowing those who try to invade your boundaries is taking care and protecting your heart. When you are firm and solid in this, you will be able to have better relationships because you are not looking outside of yourself to get your needs met. You know you are divine in your own right. You are taking care of your own emotional well-being and not allowing your heart into situations where it could be trampled upon.


Consider spending time with your heart and asking it what it needs to feel heard and seen right now. Are you holding back your heart too much? Are you able to trust another, but you are afraid and choosing not to? Perhaps you are learning to trust again and your heart is still tender and hesitant to trust again with its whole heart. What do you need to do to heal these parts of your heart? Embrace all of the beauty that surrounds you. You got this.

Boundaries Necklace

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