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Please note: This listing is for the online workshop only.

Please read the entire description before purchasing. If you have any questions, please contact me before purchasing. Due to immediate access to class content and downloads, no refund will be given.


Start anytime—immediate access to class materials. Self-paced. No expiration date.

When you purchase this online course, you will receive an immediate download with information on how to access the class portal. This will include important links you will need to access class content, how you will receive updates and announcements, and suggested materials you will need for class. Please contact me if you have any issues receiving your download.

This online course covers:
• How to deeply connect with the plant and tree spirits.

• Connecting to the environment around you.

• Interpreting messages from birds, animals, and insects that may show up while you're working with the plant spirits.

• How to navigate the Middle World using shamanic journeying (you must already know how to engage in shamanic journeying).

• How plant spirits can be our teachers and the lessons we can learn from them.

• How we can receive healing from the plants by working directly with the spirit of the plant.

• Why it’s important to build a reciprocal relationship with the plant spirits and how to do it.

• How plants can become our allies to help us in all areas of our lives, giving us guidance, support, protection, and information.

• How Animism plays a role in working with the plants and trees, the environment you’re in, animals that show up, and even how things like the laughter of children or planes, cars, etc.

• How to connect with plants not only in the wild, but in your own backyard, garden, parks, and urban environments.

• Ways to work with plant spirits by making teas, tinctures, oils, flower essences, and more.

Includes immediate access to:

• 30+ short videos of instruction (from 30 seconds to 30 minutes).

• Downloadable plant spirit journal with instructions.

• Downloadable tutorials.

• Downloadable plant profiles.


• 5 downloadable plant music audio files.


• Downloadable journey drumming audio file.


• Suggestions for homework to deepen your experience.

• Recommended book list.


• Lifetime Access: You'll receive all future updated course materials and get to participate in the course year after year at no additional cost to you, even if the price of the course goes up.


It is highly recommended that you know how to travel the three worlds using shamanic journeying in order to get the most out of this class. If you do not know how to journey and would like to learn, please contact me for private lessons.

This course is delivered through an online portal where your class materials are. They consist of 30+ recorded videos of past classes and field trips, including trips to the ancient cedars, journey drumming download, PDF files, and tutorials. Additional content is added yearly and may consist of online Zoom gatherings, new plant music, online resources, plant profiles, and anything else I'm inspired to add.

There will be no in-person classes. This class being online is also good for disabled and chronic illness folks who may not have the ability to hike in the wild or come to classes. Many of us in the disabled and chronic illness communities are still limiting our exposure to group gatherings.

Shamanic journeying greatly improves your experience of this course. If you don't know how to do shamanic journeying, I offer a private 2-hour session through Zoom. Investment: $200 (in addition to the plant course). Contact me for more information.


Plants as Teachers, Healers, and Allies: Online Workshop Only

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