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Hand-carved black obsidian gemstone perfume pendant, small black skull synthetic howlite bead, antiqued silver-tone charms, beads, and mixed chain with black glass faceted rosary chain, black tourmaline gemstone rosary chain, and amethyst gemstone rosary chain. The connector link charm in this necklace has an Art Deco style. It has a lock and key toggle clasp.


This necklace is designed to be asymmetrical and moves freely on the lower portion of the chain. The skull pendant and little skull bead also move freely, keeping a watchful eye on you and your surroundings.

The necklace length measures approximately 33.5 inches and the skull pendant measures approximately just under one inch.

Comes in a purple velvet bag and includes a sample-size vial of my Dark Goddess oil perfume and a plastic pipette dropper to place the perfume oil into the skull pendant. (Dark Goddess Perfume Ingredients: Organic olive oil, Essential oils: Peru Balsam, Oakmoss Absolute, Organic Ylang Ylang, Organic Black Pepper, Rose Absolute.)

Before wearing, it is important to double-check and be sure that the perfume pendant is screwed on tight. I have found the best way to do this is to firmly hold the cap stationary, moving the skull in a clockwise/counter-clockwise direction. This helps to prevent damaging the screw top and the components that attach the pendant to the chain. A mindful, periodic check is especially helpful to be sure the skull pendant is secure and doesn't come unscrewed. If it unscrews and falls, the skull could break. Also, I do not recommend wearing this in the shower or with other necklaces that could rub or bump against the skull pendant as this could cause it to be scratched or break.


Black obsidian is a stone of the Dark Goddess archetype. It provides a shield and protects against unwanted negative influences and vibrations which could be harmful to our personal energy. Black obsidian may support us in personal guidance due to the reflective quality it allows us to become reflective of our lives and helps us to be more introspective, seeing our shadow selves more clearly, and giving us insight into what actions we may need to take to move forward. If you choose to work with black obsidian in this way, be prepared for a straightforward and blunt answer. Black obsidian disperses the negative inner critic's voice within that speaks unloving thoughts about ourselves. It can help show us what needs to be removed to restore ease. Black obsidian has also been used in scrying for divination purposes. It is also grounding, connecting our energy to the Earth and it can also stimulate creativity.


Black tourmaline is another stone associated with the Dark Goddess archetype. It is said to be a protective stone that repels and deflects negative energies while increasing feelings of well-being and vitality. Black tourmaline assists us in maintaining clear boundaries, keeping our auric field strong. It is said to attract inspiration and enhance creativity, diminish fear through knowledge and understanding, and encourage self-confidence and raise our spirits even during difficult times when it seems all hope is lost. Black tourmaline feels like sitting with the wise crone or grandmother archetype, telling her your struggles. Upon hearing them, she sings you a song, a telling of where these troubles come from, and in the singing, you gain an understanding of what is needed to remedy the situation. 


Amethyst is believed to be a stone of transformation and metamorphosis. It clears the aura and is energetically stabilizing, protecting us against unwanted negative energies by transforming them into positive useful energy. It helps us with integrations and may help facilitate change. Amethyst strengthens the connection between the ordinary reality of Earth and the non-ordinary reality of other realms. Its energy brings us strength, stability, and peace.


Information about the metaphysical attributes of gemstones is based on symbolism and is not intended for a physical, mental, or emotional diagnosis. For entertainment purposes only.


Please note: Colors may vary due to many factors such as computer monitors displaying colors differently, the photograph's lighting, etc. I do my best to create photos that reflect what you are purchasing.

Dark Goddess Perfume Necklace 2

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