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If You're Lucky Enought to Be Different, Never Change.

Abstract Collage Paperweights are a harmonious fusion of art, empowerment, and storytelling evolution.

Each paperweight is crafted from images sourced from short stories in vintage books, transforming these relics of outdated romance and gender stereotypes into powerful symbols of change and progress. The vintage book imagery is dissected into strips and reassembled by color, resulting in an abstract stripe collage that signifies the dismantling of archaic narratives, akin to deconstructing the patriarchal ideals of the past.

By artfully piecing together these abstract designs and embellishing them with words of empowerment, we not only dismantle these stories but also reclaim our agency and build a foundation for a new, inspiring narrative. The gold sparkly details add a touch of whimsy, and the felt underside ensures they sit comfortably on any surface. The heavy glass composition introduces depth through the presence of air bubbles and inclusions, further echoing the layered and abstract qualities of the paperweights.

These unique creations symbolize the transformative journey of taking apart outdated stories that no longer serve us, healing through deconstruction, and ultimately constructing a new empowering narrative of our own choosing. In a world where we are the authors of our own stories, these Abstract Collage Paperweights serve as a reminder that we can shape our destinies and rewrite the stories that no longer serve us, forging a brighter path ahead. These paperweights are a daily reminder of the power of transformation and empowerment.

Measures approximately 2 1/4 inches.

Greens and Blues Abstract Paperwieght

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