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This pendulum kit includes a faceted clear quartz pendulum with antiqued gold-tone metal charms and chain, with faceted lavender glass bead rosary chain, and Aurora Borealis glass beads.


Quartz crystal is considered to be a stone of power. It assists in the amplification, focus, storage, transfer, and transformation of energy. It supports the clearing and activation of energies within the body, amplifying the body's energy and our thoughts while harmonizing and aligning our energies on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. Quartz crystals may produce a balanced energy field, enhancing clarity of thought. It also may have the ability to modify energy so that it is specifically supportive to the person using it.

A small selenite bowl is included to cleanse your pendulum when not in use. Selenite is a stone that never needs cleansing and can cleanse items placed upon it. This is a great option for smoke-free cleansing of your pendulum, jewelry, other stones, crystals, or other small objects. Selenite also is associated with the moon. You will receive the bowl pictured, which measures approximately 2.5 inches across. The inside of the bowl has a frosted finish that has a subtle sparkle and outside of the bowl has been polished while retaining a rustic feel.


The two-sided pendulum board postcard has a soft touch finish and is an original design of mine.


This kit comes with a grey organza bag with a black damask desgin.


You will receive this exact pendulum and selenite bowl.


Kit comes in a black cardboard clamshell box, perfect for gift giving.


Please note: Colors may vary due to many factors such as computer monitors displaying colors differently, the lighting of the photograph, etc. I do my best to create photos that reflect what you are purchasing.

Quartz Crystal Pendulum Kit 8

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