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Process, clear, and balance toxic energy. Transform resentfulness. Warmhearted. Forgiving. Assimilate new ideas.


Rhubarb brings us the wisdom of distinguishing between what is toxic in our lives and what is nourishing in our life. It nourishes that which is already good in our life while working on eliminating toxic outdated beliefs and stories that no longer are for our highest good, balancing positive and negative energies within ourselves. We are able to let go of negative energies while welcoming in and embracing positive energies. Rhubarb grants us the ability to see with clarity toxic situations or people in our lives and we are better able to see our own toxic patterns of behavior as well.


It helps us to process and let go of anger, resentfulness, bitterness, old beliefs, toxic patterns of behavior, old programming, and the outdated stories we tell ourselves while helping us to assimilate new ideas, new information, and new ways of being. Rhubarb opens us up to trusting the process so that we are better able to digest the new and eliminate the old, creating flow rather than becoming stuck or ridged in this process. We get to choose to make what is bitter in our life and deliberately make it sweeter.


When we are faced with a difficult situation, experience, or choice that is unavoidable we can choose to make it more palatable by adjusting our thoughts about it. We can choose to see it from another perspective choosing to look for the positive within the negative, seeing the benefits that may come of this, creating a new story about the situation that will support us, nourish us, and uplift us so that we are able to get through it and potentially learn any lessons that may come out of it.


Rhubarb has the ability to help us transform low vibration feelings such as resentfulness, anger, spite, hostility, hate, maliciousness, viciousness, and malevolence into higher vibrational benevolent feelings of sympathy, gentleness, comfort, kindness, compassion, joy, gratitude, and contentment. We are better able to be warmhearted, forgiving, and understanding with one another. However, rhubarb also is excellent at setting clear boundaries, protecting our energies from the lower vibration feelings of others and even from ourselves.


With rhubarb we are better able to see the abundance in our life using the resources we have on hand, blessing others when we have an overabundance of bounty. We can also see multiple applications and ways to use our resources, giving us more options.

When we experience difficult or unpleasant situations we may feel as though it will never end. Rhubarb reminds us that like the seasons in nature our lives are cyclical and that nothing lasts forever. On the other side of the bitter frigidness of winter, the warmth of spring waits for us. Hardship may come into our lives, but we are reminded to have hope for better days to come. Rhubarb brings in the energy of protecting us while we are in these dark places while also bringing in the fresh hope of new beginnings.


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Rhubarb Flower Essence

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  • Vibrational essences are the subtle energetic qualities of flowers, trees, or gems imprinted into water by the light of the sun or moon. They do not contain any plant matter and do not have a scent, other than the brandy used to preserve the essence. The vibrational essences I create are handcrafted in small batches, not tested on animals, they are vegan, and gluten free.


    Essences can be used as a single essence or a blended essence. A blended essence means that there is more than one essence being used to achieve the desired result.


    The beauty of vibrational essences is that you do not have to ingest them to access their energetic qualities.


    Essences can be used in a variety of ways including:

    • Sprayed on or around your body as an aura mist
    • Added to a glass or bottle of water and sipped through the day
    • Placed under your tongue.
    • Put on your skin or on pulse points.
    • Diffused in a misting diffuser.
    • Put into bathwater.


    Directions For Use

    Aura Mist: These are lightly scented with essential oils and intended to be sprayed on and around your body into your aura and are not to be ingested. Shake well before use. Aura mist can also be used to shift the energy of your home or workplace. For best results, use four times a day, for one month.


    Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. Do not use if nursing or pregnant. Do not spray into eyes. Do not use near flame. Do not use on pets. Use only as intended.


    Dropper Bottle: Dropper bottles are sold as a stock essence. What is a stock essence? When we make vibrational essences, the first thing we make is what is called a mother essence. From a mother essence, we fill a one ounce bottle with half water and half brandy, adding in several drops of the mother essence. A stock bottle can either be used as is or it can be made into a dosage bottle. To do so, take a once ounce bottle and fill it with half water and half brandy, adding several drops (I usually use four drops) of essence to that. Then using the dosage bottle as described above. This means that you can make your one ounce stock bottle go farther if you make a dosage bottle with it. The best thing to do is to experiment and see what works best for you.


    Dropper Bottle Directions: Four drops, four times per day under tongue or in water. Use for one month for best results. Essences are also easily absorbed through the skin. Place a few drops into bathwater or anoint yourself by placing directly on skin at wrists, third eye, back of neck, or wherever you feel guided. Essences can also be used to anoint and bless objects.


    More Suggestions

    Before use, take a deep heart-centered breath and set your intention.


    To track your progress you may want to keep a journal to record any shifts in emotions, thoughts, energy, etc., as well as any new insights or intuitive information, gained.


    Vibrational essences hold the pattern of the energy we are reaching for or trying to shift to. You may notice relief, a sense of ease and flow, a shift or an easing of emotion. Sometimes vibrational essences can bring up the patterns we are trying to let go of so that we can look at them and heal them. At the same time, the vibrational essence is also supporting you so that you can look at whatever is coming up with courage. Perhaps you will see it in a new light or from a new perspective.


    I recommend using one essence or blended essence at a time. This way you know which essence is doing what.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. If you have a serious mental or emotional condition, or a known physical medical problem, you should seek the care or advice of a qualified health practitioner. Consult a healthcare professional before taking any essences if you have health conditions, are pregnant, nursing, or on pharmaceutical medication. Essential oils are used in aura mists and may not appropriate for pregnant or nursing women -- check with your health care provider before using. Information provided is intended for educational purposed only and is not intended to offer any kind of medical or mental health advice or as a substitute for the advice of qualified healthcare or mental health professional in any way.


    Copyright © 2019 Karmen Naccarato, Moonwillow LLC.

    Coeur d’Alene, ID, 83815

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