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Please note: These smoke cleansing bundles are each handmade. This means each is unique in size. I've done my best to measure and approximate sizes. Using my intuition I will select one for you.

Bundles with Cedar are approximately 9 -11 1/2 inches in length and 4 1/2 -5 1/2 around. 


Herbal bundles (without Cedar) are approximately 10-12 inches in length and 4 1/2 - 5 1/2 around.


Most of the plants come from my garden, with the exception of Rose. The rose I use is certified organic and is from a reputable sustainable source. We have not used any non-organic pesticides or herbicides in our garden for 20 years. The cedar I use comes from family property outside of town. Ideally, we do our best to collect fallen branches after storms. If this is not possible, I follow much of the same protocol that I use with the plants in my garden (below). We are are always careful not to over harvest or unnecessarily harm the tree. Smoke cleansing bundles are a limited quantity item. When I sell out of these I won't have anymore until the next season.

I am mindful of my harvesting practices because it is important for me to build relationships with the plants I care for. In the mornings in the summer, I can be found watering the plants and singing to them. Before cutting any plants I take the time to connect with them and ask permission first. There are days they say NO and I respect that. I only harvest when the plants are willing to be of service. When they say YES, I sing to them and thank them with deep gratitude from my heart. I'm always sure to leave around half of the flowering plants uncut for the bees to enjoy. This means that I do not harvest as much as I could, so quantities of smoke cleansing bundles are limited. Once I sell out, we have to wait until the next season. After the plants have been collected, I sit with them in ceremony while I bundle them.


APPLEMINT: Purification. Protection. Healing. Wisdom. Knowledge. Prosperity. Success. Endurance. Travel. Passion. Longevity. Invites positive energies while clearing unwanted influences and negative energies. Lifts the veil. Opens gateway to spirit realms. Gentle energy. Cools, calms inflamed energies. Transformation.

*BASIL: Protection. Purification. Love. Luck. Prosperity. Home Blessings. Clears lingering spirits. Facilitates communication, difficult conversations. Soothes tempers, conflict. Protects, cleanses a space, person, or object. Face challenges with positive energy.

*CEDAR: Purification. Protection. Prosperity. Healing. Strength. Endurance. Peace. Stability. Unity. Centered grounded energy. Purifies, makes space, person, or object sacred. Lifts veil opening gateway to higher spiritual realms. Cleanses the home. Attracts positive energies, helping spirits. Strengthen, protect aura. Balances energy. Connects us to the Universe and the Earth. Ancient wisdom. Ancestors.

CHAMOMILE: Calming. Peace. Purification. Protection. Sleep. Healing. Balancing. Prosperity. Gentle, energetic vibration. Balance, harmonize emotions. Calms, release emotional stress, tension. Quiets mind. Lifts mood. Soothing. Serenity. Calms emotional stress, tension. Restful sleep.

*GARDEN SAGE: Protection. Boundaries. Empowerment. Purification. Wisdom. Supportive. Use in place of white sage. Process grief. Useful during life transitions.

*LAVENDER: Soothing. Relaxing. Sleep. Protection. Purification. Peace. Serenity. Calm. Healing. Happiness. Love. Joy. Clarity. Meditation. Healers. Empaths. Lifts heavy stagnant energy from a space, person, or object. Relieves sorrow. Alleviates stress, restlessness, nervousness. Quiets the mind so we can rest. Maintain peace, serenity in the home.

LEMON BALM: Love. Success. Manifestation. Purification. Protection. Soothing. Calm. Peace. Self Love. Romance. Gentle energy. Eases stress, anxiety, nervous energy. Quiets the mind. Relaxes to assist sleep. Clears unwanted influences and negative energies. Boosts mental clarity. Enhances one's own loving energies. Full Moon energy.

*MUGWORT: Healing. Strength. Protection. Divination. Clairvoyance. Dreams. Astral Travel. Expands consciousness, enhancing visionary abilities, spiritual sensitivity, dreams. Boosts divination. Cleanses divination tools. Ground integration of visionary experiences. Balance and harmonize energies.

*OREGANO: Protection. Strength. Courage. Abundance. Manifestation. Action. Communication. Let go of people, objects, situations, grief, sorrow, sadness, painful past experiences, or heartbreak. Release what no longer serves us. Create space to bring in happiness, joy. Opens us up to new energies, ideas, and experiences. Harmonizes energy systems. Reminds us of the sweetness of life and that we are all connected. Taking action in our manifestation process, creating future resources. Trust and faith that the Universe supports us in our efforts.

*ROSE: Love. Clairvoyance. Protection. Healing. Sleep. Luck. Sensuality. Desire. Passion. Self Love. Purification. Rejuvenation. Dreams. Soothing. Calms stress. Heals broken heart, grief, sorrow. Eases household upheavals and stressful situations. Lifts spirits.

*ROSEMARY: Protection. Banishment. Purification. Healing. Love. Passion. Success. Courage. Clarity. Sleep. Empowerment. Protects during sleep, banishing nightmares. Focused mental clarity. Brings in warmth and healing energies. Celebration and remembrance.

*THYME: Protection. Purification. Strength. Courage. Health. Action. Removes sorrows, negativity with light-hearted energy. Strengthens healing energies. Influences the perception of time. Past life work. Healing the past.


*YARROW: Protection. Boundaries. Burnout. Courage. Boosts self-esteem and confidence. Strengthens protects the aura. Helpful for empaths and healers. Maintains our energy, protects boundaries.

*Plants with an asterisk banish, protect, and cleanse a space, person, or object from unwanted influences, toxic or negative energies including earthbound spirits, malevolent forces, or ill will cast against you.

Single Plant: Smoke Cleansing Herbal Bundles (Large)

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  • Always use caution when burning. Do not leave unattended. Place in a fireproof container with sand in the bottom to help disperse heat with a trivet or potholder underneath to protect furniture. Fully extinguish in water after use. Let dry for future use.

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