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Psychopomp: The sacred work of working with the dead.
What is psychopomp? Psychopomp is shamanic work which escorts the souls of the deceased to the afterlife. There are compassionate helping spirits waiting to assist in this work, which allows souls to easily cross over to the afterlife as a natural transition. However, there are times when the deceased are not able to move past this reality, becoming earthbound spirits. When they get stuck here, they need help making the transition to the afterlife.

Earthbound spirits may not be able to move on for many reasons. Some experience confusion, guilt, shame, fear, regret, or have unfinished business. They may not be prepared to face their own death, realize what’s happened, or may have become confused not understanding that they have died. This can happen especially if their passing was sudden or traumatic. Their understanding of what happened may be clouded due to alcohol or drug overdose or other factors. Sometimes the deceased become frightened or have feelings of unworthiness due to religious beliefs they may have had during life, fearing
a place they have been taught to identify as Hell.
Often our loved ones who have passed are still around us. This can be because they are worried about us and want to be sure we are ok. Also sometimes our own overwhelming grief keeps them here out of a sense of obligation or wanting to comfort us. When our loved  ones do not cross over, we may feel their presence around us, creating the
feeling like we cannot let go or move forward. While grieving is a natural process we go through, this may keep us stuck in intense grieving, which can create a loop where we can’t let go and our loved one is unable to cross over.

When any earthbound spirit is attached to us, we can feel more drained. It takes a lot of energy to stay here on our earthly plane. Earthbound spirits often think they are helping and they may have the best of intentions. The truth is they are much more helpful once they cross over. However, I find often they don’t know this. While they are here on our earthly plane they only have access to this world and the knowledge and beliefs they acquired while they were living. By crossing over they can become helping spirits with access to the Other Side, higher vibrations, or greater insights and knowledge that we cannot access here in our realm. They can become a bridge between the realm of Spirit and ourselves. Also, they are able to continue on with their own spiritual evolution.

Healing the dead can be a bit like a counseling session. In a compassionate nonjudgmental way, we address the reason they are not able or willing to cross over. They may have unfinished business or need to be acknowledged in some way. Sometimes they are not sure where to go or they are waiting for a loved one. While they were living, if their auric field was porous, they may have had intrusive spirit attachments stuck to them. Sometimes these spirit attachments are still connected to them even after death. If this is the case, we need to remove these intrusions by doing an extraction before crossing the deceased over.

Once they have crossed over, it is not goodbye. They live on in our hearts and memories of them. We are still able to connect with them. They may come through and visit in a dream. They may come through one of our senses, for example, we may smell something familiar that reminds us of them. A shamanic practitioner specializing in psychopomp can connect with those who have crossed over to bring messages of reassurance, comfort, and closure. This can be helpful if their passing was sudden where there was not the opportunity for a goodbye.
I am available to do psychopomp work upon request. Contact me for additional information or if you have any questions.
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