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My Three Favorite Tips to Help You Experience More Ease and Flow in Your Day.

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and disconnected?

Here are my favorite tips to help you experience more ease and flow in your day while reconnecting you to your heart and your purpose. The great thing is, they are all simple, completely free, and can be done almost anywhere.

1. Bare those feet! Go outside and take your shoes off. Put your feet right on the earth; in the dirt, sand, or grass and just hang out for about 20 to 45 minutes. This is called grounding or earthing. By connecting our bare feet to the earth’s energy field, it may offer us support in dealing with pain, fatigue, inflammation, stress, and leave us feeling more balanced and calm. If it’s cold out where you’re at, you can receive the very same benefits from putting your bare feet on concrete. Surfaces that are made of wood, plastic, and linoleum can block our access to earth energy. Concrete or tile is better! For me personally, I feel the best benefits from following this practice outside with my feet in the sand at the beach by the lake for about 45 minutes. It has changed my whole attitude, emotions, and even the pain in my body.

2. Breathe with your heart! Rub your hands together. This opens the chakras in our hands. Chakras are energy centers throughout our bodies. They move energy through the body, take in energy and information from the environment, and also broadcast information and energy out into the environment. Place your hands over your heart, touching your chest. Now close your eyes. Bring your awareness to your heart. Feel your heartbeat. While leaving your hands over your heart, see yourself breathing in and out of your heart. Take a few deep breaths and continue to visualize this heart breath. While you continue to breathe in and out of your heart, think about and more importantly FEEL deep appreciation and gratitude for the people in your life, your pets, for your favorite things and experiences. Anything that brings you a feeling of joy, appreciation, and gratitude. Continue to do this heart centered breathing while doing this. It is important at some point to include this feeling of joy, deep appreciation, and gratitude for yourself as well. If you find yourself in a stressful situation during your day, even if you are in the check out line at the market or in your car, you can do a shorter version of this practice. Once you’ve done the initial practice of this and know how it feels in your body, you can simply bring your awareness to your heart and feel your breath moving in and out of your heart space. Sometimes all it takes is a few deep breaths. Doing the heart centered breathing will offer support for you during stressful times and allow you to feel more peaceful and calm.

3. Buddy up with a tree! Get outside and spend some time with a tree. Trees are magnificent beings that offer us much wisdom and can become powerful allies for us. Their energy fields can be so soothing and healing for us, especially when we are living such busy and hectic lives. If you are feeling lost, out of balance, and not sure how to proceed with your day, taking your cares and worries to a tree can offer support in reminding you of your life purpose and bring more peace into your life. If you are struggling with a challenging or difficult question, take it to a tree. By adding the heart centered breathing above, you are able to better connect with the tree’s spirit and energy. This is important because we are better able to connect with the trees and plants if we are coming from a heart space. Spend time looking up into the trees “eyes”. This is when you gaze up into the tree from directly below. Let your eyes wonder and look at the branches and leaves. Visualize the sense of the tree looking back at you. This is a gentle way to approach and engage the tree. Say hello! It is polite to do so after all. Touch the bark on the tree. Sit with your back against the tree. Be brave and hug the tree! Close your eyes and listen to the tree. Don’t forget to thank the tree for it’s assistance and wish it well before you go. You may even want to leave a small gift by offering it some water before you go. If for whatever reason you can not get to a tree, like if it’s cold outside or if there’s a mobility difficulty, you can look at an image of a tree and visualize this process. You will still receive support and benefits from this practice. To get you started, here is a slideshow of trees and nature. Click on it to see it larger. Remember to practice your heart centered breathing while watching.

Use these tools for a week and see if they are useful for you. I'd love to hear your experiences from doing these practices. If you would like more tips on simple daily practices that can create more ease and flow in your day, sign up for my mailing list by visiting my CONTACT page. Stay tuned for information on my first online class that I'm working on right now! I hate spam as much as you do. You will only receive important updates once or twice a month at most. You can also find me on FACEBOOK.

If you are interested in working one on one with me, schedule a complementary phone appointment with me to discover if we are a good fit to work together. During this time I will listen to your needs and answer any questions you may have. To see a list of my offerings CLICK HERE. To schedule an appointment CLICK HERE.

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