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Magick is Alive and Real

There are two kinds of "magic". Magic is not real. It is sleight of hand, an illusion, it's a trick like that of a magic show. It fools us into false belief. Magic asks us to believe in things that are shallow, hollow, and without deep meaning. Magic is an illusion. Magick is quite different. It is deep, soulful, and is very real. It dwells within us and around us, we have only forgotten. It is part of our own personal power. A light, a flame, a spark of the Divine within. It's what tells us that there is something more than what can be seen with our eyes. It is felt in our hearts, and our minds can not always explain its vastness. It connects us to the energy of the Moon, the Earth, and constellations of stars that reach out through eternity. It is the sparkling sunlight on the waves of the lake. The warm breeze that caresses our face in the springtime or the cool silky feeling of the moonlight on our skin. Dewdrops on grass as the morning sun rises with a tiny sun reflected in each of those dewdrops. Twilight at the end of the day and the sparkle of the starlight in the night sky. It is the connection to all that is. Each one of us may have different names for this, but when we feel it in our hearts, it feels like coming home.

Do not mistake that magick is not a part of your life. It is all around you. You only need notice and reclaim it.

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