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Aura Mists for Times of Grief

At times like these, we may be experiencing a lot of grief. I don't have an aura mist formula specific for grief yet, but I can tell you a bit about the mists I do have that may be helpful in supporting us during times of grief.

Balance is really wonderful in that it connects us to the Earth and Universe, opens our heart while protecting it, helps us maintain boundaries, and brings in positive energies while helping us to let go of negative energies. It also helps us when we are healing, making transitions in our life, and embarking on new endeavors. We may feel a bit vulnerable and sensitive and the Walnut in this formula really helps with that, giving us a hard outer shell protecting our sensitive insides. This is one I use every day. It could be helpful for grief in that it can give a more centered balanced place from which to operate from, while creating a safe place to heal by being protected by that hard outer shell of Walnut. This one has an earthy rose scent to it.

Light is useful to bring in a vibration full of light, joyfulness, lightheartedness, and uplifting energies. I especially like it in the wintertime when I may be dealing with some sadness due to not enough sunshine. It's very supportive and reminds us of hope while we may be in the dark, connecting us to our inner light so that we can flourish. This could be helpful for grief by bringing in some lighthearted joyful energy to help offset the heavy energies of grief. This one has an orange spice scent.

Aura Shield is really useful for protecting us. It has Walnut in it, so again it is going to be great for keeping our sensitive emotions safe while we are healing so that we are not impacted harshly by outside forces. This one also has Devi's Club in it, which does much of what Walnut does, but even more so. Devil's Club protects our energy really well. Walnut and Devil's Club help us to function in the world when we may be feeling sensitive. For example, we still have to go to work and keep it together even if our heart is grieving, feeling sorrow, or we are feeling more vulnerable. This formula is also going to help strengthen and heal any porousness in our biofield. The less porous our biofield is, the less outside energies can influence us. If we are living with grief, we don't need more random or intense energies heaped onto us. This one has a floral scent to it with a bit of patchouli to give it some earthiness.

Clearing is good for helping to lift stagnant energies, shifting heaviness, and eliminating negative influences. It clears out all of the negative energies we don't want while bringing in positive vibrations that we do want. It can be good to clear away the grief we have already processed so we can dig a bit deeper and heal another layer. This one has a wonderful red cedar scent that is very much like the way cedars in our area smell. These aura mists are available in my shop.

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