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Global Hope: Vibrational Essence for Tumultuous Times.

During tumultuous times, all that we are witnessing in the world can overwhelm us. Whether it be natural disasters, climate change, injustice, illness, or other catastrophes that are being experienced around the world, we cannot help but be impacted energetically by them. There are times we are bombarded daily with these events, which takes its toll on our body, mind, and spirit. Right now we are living in a time where we are watching and experiencing pain and suffering on a global scale that we have not seen in our lifetime. It’s natural that we would feel unprepared and uncertain how best to deal with the myriad of emotions we may be experiencing.

We may be feeling a lot of fear because so much seems unknown, we’re not sure what exactly to expect, and we are in unfamiliar territory. We may also be feeling depressed, exhausted, and lost, unsure what we need to do. This can create uncertainty in our lives, which can throw us off balance creating difficulty to make decisions, take action, and move forward in a healthy, grounded, sensible way.

It is difficult for us not to be influenced by the negativity and chaos from outside sources such as the news, social media, opinions of others, rumors, and mass group hysteria, especially for empaths. This can lead us to be in a constant heightened state of panic where we are living in a fight, flight, freeze or fawn response.

Individually we may be experiencing feelings of shock and being traumatized. At the same time what is happening in the world is not only happening to a few individuals, it happening globally. Our communities are also in shock and traumatized. Just as self-care is important for our individual wellbeing, community care is important for our collective wellbeing.

We may be bombarded by a multitude of feelings, which may make it difficult to sort out what to do and we can be experiencing several emotions all at the same time:

  • Weariness.

  • Hopelessness.

  • Depression, anxiety.

  • Overwhelmed, overworked.

  • Exhaustion of mind, body, and spirit.

  • Distraught, distressed.

  • Sorrow, sadness.

  • Fear, anger, rage.

  • Shock, trauma.

  • Distrust, suspicion of others.

  • Feeling unsafe, survival threatened.

  • Feeling lost or isolated.

  • Despair

  • Pessimism: Feeling cynical. Giving up. What’s the use? Why bother?

  • Anxious thoughts, panic.

When we are feeling so much we become overwhelmed by it all. This can cause us to become stuck, unsure of what to do, which hinders our ability to take action in our lives as well as being of service to the world. It is difficult to use our gifts to be of service when we are overwhelmed by our own situation and experiences.

This is why I created Global Hope.

Global Hope assists in calming distraught emotions, while moving us from personal despair to unconditional love and greater vision and hope for the world.

Reminds us to have courage in our hearts as we move forward, even when we are faced with the uncertainty of what is to come, even when we may feel unsure of what to do next.

Reestablishes feelings of safety and being protected while bringing in cleansing and soothing energies so we are more able to feel a renewed sense of harmony and peace along with greater feelings of resilience and flexibility. We are also reminded to make time for recuperation --body, mind, and spirit.

We are able to hold grounded calmness in our hearts while chaos and negativity flow around us, helping us to not be influenced by group hysteria. This helps us to stay calm in situations of potential conflict, offering us greater clarity of thought in the decisions and actions we take so we can do so in a calm grounded way.

Enables us to replace suspicion and fear of others with compassion, empathy, and community care; embracing inclusivity and providing us with the ability to heal our fractured communities so that we may stand together in unity.

Helps us to balance our minds and hearts so that we are able to think rationally while listening to the wisdom of our hearts. We are better able to have empathy for others, connecting with them in a healthy protected way, while making wise decisions and taking action in the world.

Restores hope especially when we feel that things will never improve while protecting us from being bombarded and overwhelmed energetically by what we are seeing in the news and social media.

Reconnects us to our hearts and to the Earth so we are better able to remember who we are as individuals while also remembering that we are connected to one another.

Brings in feelings of tranquility, emotional stability, balancing moods, and emotions. Helps to transmute and cleanse energy, move stagnant energies, healing emotional heartache, and upheavals. Promotes clear and rational thought. Gently releases fear. Protects from outside influences and energies, group hysteria, and panic as well as being easily influenced by mass media.

Instills a sense of inner peace, helping to relieve feelings of nervousness and panic.

Calms distraught, intense emotions, and repeating worrying thoughts.

Is restorative and grounding in the midst of feeling chaos, bringing with it reassuring and stabilizing energies. Reminds us of our own courage; to take heart and hold courage in our hearts.

Soothes fearfulness and reminds us to hold courage in our hearts as we stand in the whirlwind of chaos so we can be brave in the face of uncertainty, choosing to hold love in our hearts while also being aware of the suffering that is happening around us. Provides restorative and grounding energies bringing with it reassuring and stabilizing energies.


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