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Heartlight Meditation

Heartlight: Karmen Naccarato © 2018

Heart Light Meditation Take a moment out of your busy day to just be. Get away from your computer. Turn off or silence your phone. You may wish to turn on some peaceful music or nature sounds. Gently close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Let the hustle of the day go for just a few moments. Let it drift away on each breath.

Rub your hands together. This opens and activates the chakras in our hands. Chakras are energy centers throughout our bodies. They move energy through the body, take in energy and information from the environment, and also broadcast information and energy out into the environment. Place your hands over your heart, touching your chest. Now close your eyes. Bring your awareness to your heart. Feel your heart’s rhythmic beat. While leaving your hands over your heart, visualize yourself breathing in and out of your heart. Take a few deep breaths and continue to visualize this heart breath. Imagine that you are watching this breath moving in and out of your heart space, and as you do so, your heart begins to light up. It may only

flicker at first. Keep watching as this heart light grows with every breath. Notice what color it is. Allow the first image to be the correct one for you (do not overthink it or doubt yourself). Notice what qualities it may have. Notice its energy. Look deeper still. Is the light translucent or opaque? Is there movement within this light? Does it sparkle or shine? Notice how you may be feeling. Are there any sensations in your body that come up? Are there any emotions that may be coming up for you? Continue to breathe in and out of your heart space as you interact with this heart light. Now that you have connected with your heart light, set the intention for it to grow, getting brighter and brighter as it continues to expand with each breath, moving beyond your heart, traveling to other parts of your body, radiating out in every direction. As this light expands, know that it is working with your energy centers in each area of your body, brightening and energizing each one. Imagine it filling your chest and lungs, up into your shoulders and arms out to your fingertips while it also moves into your stomach and down into your gut area and hips. Moving into your throat, face, filling all the way up to the top of your head, as it also continues traveling down into your legs, feet, and toes. Once your whole body is filled with light, ask this light to now extend beyond your physical body. As you do so, physically move your hands from your heart and gradually open them as if to receive a hug, extending your arms as far as they will reach. While doing this, see your heart light completely fill your biofield out to the very edges of your aura, about 5 - 6 feet around you and 2 - 3 feet over your head and under your feet. Doing this helps your energy to take up space in your entire being and helps you to take full possession of your body. At this point you can ask that any rips or tears present in your aura be healed and sealed with light. Prayer

You can also add on the following prayer:

Today I tend my words with care, for my words have great power and create not only my world but our collective world as well. I remember how powerful I actually am. I listen to others hearts, and hold space for them in a sacred way. I have compassion and grace for those around me, knowing that everyone is on their own journey, experiencing challenges and difficulties I may know nothing about. In facing my fears with courage, I let go of what no longer serves my highest good, allowing me to move forward with new and clear vision. As I remember to deeply nurture myself, I no longer come from a place of scarcity. Instead I am able to honor my boundaries and the boundaries of others, while also being more available to nurture those around me in the spirit of true generosity, compassion, and connection. By living wholeheartedly in abundance and gratitude, I make manifest that which I desire to create in my life, for all of humanity, and the Earth. I now bring my awareness to Mother Earth. May I remember that I am deeply rooted and supported by Her. Her Earth energy rising up to meet me, nourishing me, supporting me, and giving me strength to stand firm and know who I am, connecting with my ancestors who got me here, knowing where I come from, and what I stand for. As I take this time for myself I allow myself to feel complete, rejuvenated, and replenished so that I can create from a place of abundance, not exhaustion, and go forward into the world around me contributing my gifts to create community and a better society. I ask that the positive energy and blessings I create today for myself may also bless those around me, rippling forth out into our world, creating more love and peace, more healing and reconciliation, and more HOPE here on our Mother Earth, lifting not only our vibration, but the vibration of the planet as well.

This or something better, for the highest good of all. And so it is. For personal use only. Karmen Naccarato © 2020 (originaly written in 2018)

HeartLight: digital image created by Karmen Naccarato © 2018


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