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Lupine: Community

Community Care. Community Connection. Individual within community.

Lupine is an ally that helps us to heal our communities, reminding us that community care is just as important as self-care, while also helping us maintain our individuality and boundaries within a community. Community is an extension of self. As we create more peace and harmony in our life, so to will this energy ripple out, creating more peace and harmony in our community. As we raise our vibration, we are able to influence and raise the vibration in our community. We get to choose what we value in our lives. If we value empathy, compassion, integrity, harmony, love, and other high vibration ways of being in the world, our community will reflect that. Lupine brings much needed healing to devastated communities, to the land, and to people who are devastated as well. Individually we may be feeling low, depressed, defeated, oppressed, full of sorrow, and carrying heavy burdens. This can happen living during turbulent times in an oppressive system when it seems that so much is stacked against us. Not only can our inner world ripple out into our community, but the state of our community around us can also impact and influence us as individuals. Lupine helps us to become more aware of what we are experiencing as an individual; how we impact our community and our community impacts us. It also helps to heal division and rifts within our community. The healing energies of Lupine bring in regeneration, fertility, deep nourishment, and abundance. It helps us to remember that healing is possible, that there is enough for everyone, and that we can continue to grow. Lupine builds a rich, fertile ground, which becomes our foundation supporting us in sewing the seeds of change and nourishing those seeds as they grow. We are able to focus on regeneration and new growth after coming through difficult times and letting go of what no longer serves our community and us as individuals. Lupine gives us the ability to see beyond our own self-concern and our own interests, seeing past our own suffering, perspective, and our opinions. Helping us to have compassion for other people’s situations and experiences even if our beliefs, viewpoint, and opinions are different from theirs. We are reminded to follow the light, to reach, move, and bend towards the light. The light is our compass as we strive to heal our selves and our communities. The light also powerfully illuminates and reveals the darkness in our communities so we can clearly see it, name it, and heal it together. As we work to heal our communities, we are also reminded to be flexible, giving up rigid thinking and outdated ways of being that have not served us in the past. Now is the time for creative thinking and solutions. To come together and work together in a time of crisis, setting our differences aside in order to work on behalf of everyone’s interests and concerns. Now is the time to work in harmonious ways, coming to a consensus, being sure that everyone’s voice is heard. Lupine can help us combat greed and selfishness in the community, inspiring community service and generosity instead. Knowing that we are all in this together; looking after each other, lifting one another up rather than cutting each other down, and not allowing people to be left behind or fall through the cracks. Lupine helps us to connect with one another in a harmonious way, reminding us to value connection over competition, being allies for one another.

  • Community looks around and asks who needs help? Who is missing?

  • Who’s voice, input, and ideas are missing?

  • How can we make this work for everyone in our community?

  • How can we ensure everyone feels heard and included?

  • How can we create an environment where everyone’s voice is heard, including our most vulnerable?

  • How can we include everyone in the process of decision making?

Lupine helps us broaden our awareness of our larger community so that we may move beyond self-care to community care. We can be inspired to acts of community service and acts of generosity while doing so in a balanced way so that we do not become burned out. Each of us are unique individuals with unique gifts, talents, and abilities that our community needs.

  • How can we use these gifts to contribute to our community?

  • How can I as an individual contribute to my community?

  • What gifts and knowledge can I offer?

  • How can I be of service?

  • How can I balance being of service to my community in a way that I do not get burned out?

If we come together in community, each of us doing our part and looking out for one another, no one person has to bare the sole responsibility for any one thing. As the old saying goes, “Many hands make light work.” Part of community care is showing up and being responsible, following up and following through. Asking for help and giving help. We learn to value one another and the strengths we each bring with us, valuing our differences, knowing that we each have an important thread to contribute that weaves a rich tapestry of diversity, creating unity within our communities.

Copyright © 2020 Karmen Naccarato, Moonwillow LLC. For personal use only. Do not copy or share without permission.


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