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Tulip: Restore Hope and Confidence

Clears stagnate energy. Restores hope, confidence. New beginnings.

The weather in winter can be harsh, bitter, and cold. Nothing grows outside and it may see like everything is dead. We may feel weighed down by the longer hours of darkness. We tend to spend more time indoors and may even feel stuck inside while storms rage outside. The cold and damp may feel like it penetrates us to our very core, deep into our bones. There are those times during winter, during the long cold dark nights, we may feel weary that spring seems so far away and we wonder will spring ever come? So too can we experience the winter of the soul. We may feel weighed down by the harshness of life. We may even have let this harsh energy permeate into our very core. As the storms of life rage around us, we may feel the need to retreat deep within ourselves. In this space we may not be able to see the possibility of a future that holds great promise for us. We may not see a way out. We may not be able to see the end to our struggle. Our heart may grow to know weariness as a common daily experience, our hope and confidence slipping away. The danger here is that our energies may stagnate and we can end up feeling frozen or stuck in this despair. Tulip reminds us of the promise of new beginnings. It restores our hope and confidence and helps us to remember that there is a future waiting for us that is bigger and brighter than what we are experiencing in these moments of despair. Tulip calls us back to the hope and wonder within ourselves that we may have forgotten. We are able to recall other moments in our life when we were able to come through difficult, dark times; when we were able to shift, step into, and embrace the promise of a new season, a new day, a new time in our life. Tulip supports us as we let go of feelings of despair, burnout, pessimism, dissatisfaction, and uncertainty. It reminds us that just as the seasons come and go, so do sorrows and joy; that our emotions are ever changing and part of a natural ebb and flow. We are better able to have patience and compassion for ourselves while we are coming through this darker time. Tulip restores our hope and confidence, reminding us to stand tall, face the warmth and the light, and bloom. New beginnings await us if we are willing to open ourselves up to them. Tulip helps shift our energy so that we are better able to do so.

Copyright © 2020 Karmen Naccarato, Moonwillow LLC. For personal use only. Do not copy or share without permission.


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