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Vibrational Essences

My journey with creating vibrational essences began in 2001 when I was introduced to shamanic journeying and plant spirit medicine. Through journeying, we are able to connect with the spirit of the plants to receive their wisdom as healers, teachers, and allies. I've expanded this practice to include crystals, moon phases, the four elements, and more.

Flower Essence: Original Photography. Copyright © 2018 Karmen Naccarato

In the warmer months, I can be found in my garden drumming, rattling, and singing to the plants and trees in the morning and meandering through forests, connecting with the wild plants and trees found there. During the summer I teach a plant spirit course where we deeply learn to connect with the plants as teachers, healers, and allies, which also includes a yearly trip to the ancient cedars in North Idaho. I created many of these products for my own healing journey and for my family as well. I also use vibrational essences to assist clients in between sessions with me so that they have the support they need to continue in the exploration of their own healing process. It has long been a dream of mine to create a product line of vibrational essences to assist others in their own journey towards healing. I am happy that I get to share this dream with you now. Vibrational essences are the subtle energetic qualities of flowers, trees, or gems imprinted into the water by the light of the sun or moon. Because of the highly programmable nature of water, the water receives the energetic imprint of the plant or gemstone and does not contain any physical ingredients from plants, gemstones, or their constituents. Vibrational essences can also be created to imprint a specific moon phase, eclipse, to mark a special day like solstices or equinoxes, and more. When creating vibrational essences, deep reverence and love are held in my heart as I connect to and honor the energies willing to work with me in partnership. I am grateful for the profound wisdom shared with me through these reciprocal relationships. Essences are created responsibly and sustainably from flowers and trees grown in my own garden or are ethically wildcrafted.

Each of us is unique and so is our healing journey. Vibrational essences assist us in exploring our own healing and personal magick, allowing us to honor where we’ve been and help us to be brave enough to step into our own power so we can take the next step towards wholeness. This also enables us to learn to trust ourselves by connecting to the wisdom of our own heart. Vibrational essences are not meant to be a quick fix nor are they a passive way to fix our challenges in life. They are very subtle in the way they work and are used in combination with intention, actively working towards a new pattern and way of being. Offering support and assistance, vibrational essences help to create a container for us to have our own experience in our healing journey. They offer us a very gentle way to gradually bring change and transformation into our life without being overwhelmed by it.

By assisting us in creating the ability to change our old patterns or habits, essences hold the pattern of the desired outcome in our energy field while we are working toward it. When old stories or habits come up again, we get to look at them from a different perspective. We can pause and consider how these habits and stories are not serving us any longer so that we may let them go with compassion. Working through the process in this way helps us to make peace with the past and creates room for the next step so that we are better able to embrace this new vibrational pattern, which will create not only change in our life but lasting transformation if we are willing to allow it. Vibrational Essences are now available in my shop.

Plant Allies and Flower Essences: Original Photography. Copyright © 2018 Karmen Naccarato


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