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THRIVE Course Content
You will learn about what Mercury Retrograde is as well as:
  • The three phases of Mercury Retrograde and how to work with these energies to get the most out of this time.


  • What can be expected during Mercury Retrograde and how we can prepare ahead of time.


  • Learn what kinds of situations and things you can control during Mercury Retrograde, what is not in your control, and what to do in order to create the most ease and flow as possible during this time.


  • The very important things NOT to do during Mercury Retrograde


  • Things that you absolutely want TO DO during Mercury Retrograde

  • Gain insight on how to get the most out of Mercury Retrograde, using it as a powerful and useful time for personal growth.

  • Experience more clarity and control during Mercury Retrograde.


  • What to keep in mind about Mercury Retrogrades that occur in January and your New Years resolutions, goals, and manifestation work.


  • How to work with the influence of the moon and Mercury Retrograde


  • What a Mercury Retrograde Native is and how to find out if this applies to you.


  • Getting to know Mercury energies in a way that you can begin to develop a positive relationship as an ally, rather than an enemy. Yes, you and Mercury may very well become very good friends.


  • Learn many simple self-care practices that are easy and practical to add to your busy life and will help to support you not only through the time of Mercury Retrograde, but also can be used for self-care any time.


  • How our words have great power in how we create experiences in our lives.


  • How using RE words during Mercury Retrograde can create more ease, calm, peace, and flow during this time.

  • How to anticipate and be prepared for Mercury Retrograde, using it to your advantage.

  • How to use Mercury Retrograde to let go of what no longer serves your highest good.


  • Find clues to who Mercury is and what kinds of energies he is about by looking at several pieces of art from antiquity.

With these tools, practices, and strategies, you’ll know how to make the shift from percieving Mercury Retrograde as an enemy
to experiencing it as a very powerful and useful ally.

You Will Recieve


  • An easy to follow 45 page downloadable PDF: This is FULL of useful information that I have found useful in my personal journey with Mercury Retrograde. Many of these tools can also be used to your benefit even when Mercury is not in retrograde.


  • A four-page downloadable PDF that looks at Mercury in art from antiquity: Full color images to look at with short notes about what the paintings may be communicating about Mercury. This is one way we can get to know Mercury in a visual way.


  • A downloadable PDF worksheet of Mercury Retrograde dates for 2017 - 2024: This way you can plan ahead. 

  • A downloadable calendar for 2017 and 2018: With Mercury Retrograde dates including all phases of Mercury Retrograde.

  • A downloadable MP3: This is a 15-minute drumming created by me for shamanic journey meditation. If you do not know how to use it for shamanic journeying you can use it for meditation. Direction will be given.

*All files are downloadable and printable.


Access to an optional Facebook group for community and support. Which includes:
  • Previous Facebook live videos
  • Eight weeks of interaction with me as your guide through Mercury Retrograde
Lifetime access to THRIVE each Mercury Retrograde.

PLUS you will receive any additional future content and updates to THRIVE
at no additional cost to you.
*If there are future updates to this course, you will receive them at no additional cost to you even if the cost of THRIVE increases. Increase in cost in the future would be because of additional content which may include audio, video, additional information, and content, etc. Again, this would be at no additional cost to you. Additional information on next page.
*Due to the downloadable feature of this online course, all purchases are final.
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