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Testimonials From THRIVE Participants
“The tools and education are an effective way to make conscious choices around timing purchases, contracts, and activity. That it is one of the built-in astrological pauses that allow for self-care and reflection in order to move forward in a balanced and harmonious way.” ~THRIVE Participant

"The THRIVE program as developed by Karmen is great on so many levels. Not only do you get access to all those helpful tools and explanations, but you can do so in a variety of ways that accommodate individual needs. So if you're super busy like me, you can read and download, or participate in the group on your own time and at your own pace. Even if that means 2:00 in the morning when you're in your pajamas and still awake and everyone else is sleeping soundly. There's also opportunities to participate in live video classes, interact with the others in the group, and receive or provide support. Karmen is insightful and filled with a wealth of knowledge and experience that she graciously shares to help participants not just survive but THRIVE during MRx. Thanks, Karmen!" ~Joan Medina    
“I was very grateful that Karmen let me take her class even though it was a very busy and chaotic time in my life. I was selling a home and buying another home and moving during this retrograde. I also work as a mental health therapist so listening and communicating is a big part of my job. I found the information that I learned in THRIVE to be very helpful in all of these aspects and anything that Karmen puts her name to is phenomenal.” ~THRIVE Participant

“It helped me understand it [Mercury Retrograde]… not fear it… and use it to my advantage. I kinda felt like these retrogrades were out of my control… I now feel like I can manage them successfully with these tools.” ~Sarah Sullivan
“I had a pretty good knowledge about Mercury Retrograde before this program but I thought the PDF was really extensive and detailed. The PDF file had tons of great information and content in learning about Mercury Retrograde. Lots of information, tips, and suggestions to support you during Mercury Retrograde. Having all the information in one place was really nice to be able to refer to when I wanted to access it.” ~THRIVE Participant
"By being knowledgeable about Mercury retrograde, I feel that I have started to use the energies to benefit me. I learned to work with Mercury retrograde rather than struggle against it. I was more alert to the influences of Mercury retrograde. It paid off to be more cautious about communication and helped me avoid misunderstandings. I am less anxious about it, I'm actually looking forward to working more with Mercury retrograde." ~Ted

“THRIVE helped me to make friends with Mercury Rx. Karmen's way of teaching is grounding. She will show you ways of self-care that will help you develop your own way of experiencing Mercury Rx in a more positive light. She gives you simple tools that can make a profound difference. I can approach the Retrograde period as a time of reconnection now and call on Mercury as an ally instead of thinking of him as an adversary.” ~THRIVE Participant


"With all that went on during retrograde if I had not have had the tools of being able to slow down, take one moment at a time, to actually take the time to just stop, breathe, and just be still for a moment or two I'm afraid that I would have been no help to anyone. This retrograde taught me a strength, courage, determination, and most of all a self check and letting myself just stop, draw an extra sacred oracle card, take that hot bath, eat that cherry or raspberry chocolate, to cry from loss and pain as well as laugh my friends last laughs with me. I could not have come through all of this as sane as I have with out remembering and using these tools diligently and honorably to get through to the other side." ~Candi


“The material of Thrive helped me maintain a sense of Sanity during a very chaotic time in my life. The material presented in Thrive, and Karmen, helped empower me to be able to communicate my needs with Mercury. I also learned to embrace the energies rather than fight them.” ~THRIVE Participant



"Karmen has done a wonderful job putting together the THRIVE materials and is very knowledgeable about Mercury Retrograde." ~Kim




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