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Moonwillow Journeys

Shamanic Healing and Intuitive Life Coaching

What is shamanic healing?

Shamanic healing combines shamanic practices with vibrational energy healing techniques to support your energy body.


I use contemporary shamanic techniques to assist people with thier healing journey. I have been using these practices for the last 19 years to do my own personal healing and as an ally in assisting others with their own personal healing journey. Using shamanic techniques is an alternative holistic approach based on ancient earth cherishing spiritual practices, which also include working with our spirit guides, ancestors, and other compassionate helping spirits.


What is a shamanic practitioner?

A shamanic practitioner has received training to safely navigate the unseen realms of spirit to bring back transformational energy, wisdom, information, and guidance by directly interacting with compassionate helping spirits. A shamanic practitioner is a spirit worker, a messenger and conduit working as a bridge between our human world of ordinary reality and the spirit world of non-ordinary reality.


What is contemporary shamanic practice? Contemporary shamanic practices are not based on any particular indigenous culture or lineage. These are practices that have been synthesized from many sources to suit our modern times. While these practices are very useful to assist modern people with modern problems, these practices no longer bear the same meaning as they once did in indigenous cultures.


What is a healing journey?

I see the path to change as a journey. It’s a process, not a destination. We focus on honoring the process along the way and where it may lead, rather than a beginning and an ending, because once we reach the end of something, it becomes the beginning of something else. We experience our lives through a multitude of many smaller journeys, one leading to the next, within the larger journey of our lifetime.


When we talk about the need for healing, we are speaking about spiritual and energetic systems that are out of balance. Losing our power can lead to our auric field becoming porous and our energetic systems not functioning properly. In our modern way of living, many of us have not been shown how to properly manage our energy body and maintain boundaries, which causes us to become what is called porous.


When we are porous we may be more influenced by the energies around us that do not belong to us. This may leave us experiencing feelings like something isn’t quite right, we feel scrambled, we may feel as though we have less energy, we may have feelings of being powerless, or loss of vital energy. This can be especially difficult for those who are already naturally empathic. Restoring balance on a spiritual and energetic level has a supportive rippling effect into all areas of our lives. When something is healed on the spiritual and energetic level, it is brought into balance and we experience more ease and flow in our lives. This can create shifts that lead to a deeper awareness of who you are and what you need to move forward, creating lasting transformation.


The healing journey begins when we are no longer comfortable with what we are currently creating, or not creating in our lives. We may feel stuck or stagnant, unsure of what needs to shift to create the change we seek. We may begin to feel moved towards change either through being pushed by pain or pulled by passion, although we may not be certain what to do next to move forward. Through using shamanic techniques and practices along with coaching, I become an ally to work with you to find clarity and solutions that will create beneficial outcomes in your life. 


What types of issues can be addressed?

What brings each person to shamanic healing or coaching is unique. Sometimes this can be a challenging life issue such as dealing with chronic illness, the loss of a loved one, a difficult relationship, discovering their life's purpose, or how to deal with the stress in their lives. For others it may be that they are seeking spiritual guidance and understanding into their empathic experiences. Some may wish to learn shamanic tools to gain a deeper understanding into life issues they may be facing. Others may need a place to feel seen and heard, to address heartbreak, sorrow, grief, or other difficult challenges. I create a safe space to address these issues and more.

 Contemporary Shamanic Practices

(And a few terms and practices that are not necessarily a part of shamanic work.)


Ordinary and Non-Ordinary Reality: Ordinary reality is our physical reality, the human world as we experience and perceive it to be in our daily lives. Non-Ordinary reality is the world of spirit. The shamanic practitioner can achieve access by using the shamanic journey to travel to the unseen spiritual realms.


Power Animal Retrieval: A power animal is a guide, teacher, and protector. They are guardian spirits. We are born with an animal guide and at some point in our life we loose connection with them, which may cause us to feel out of sorts and disconnected or we may experience feeling powerless. By having a power animal retrieval, the connection between you and your power animal is restored. People can also have more than one power animal during their lifetime. Power animals can also come into our lives to teach us valuable lessons for our own healing journey and spiritual growth. By having a power animal, we can call on them for assistance and support during difficult or challenging times. They can bring us support, comfort, courage, and guidance. Power animals can also be retrieved for your business, career, etc.

Ways to integrate your Power Animal and to begin to build a relationship with them are to research their spiritual meaning by using one of the many books available on the subject or by using a search engine, typing in the animal followed by the words ‘power animal’. You may want to also watch documentaries about your animal. Finding an image, piece of art, jewelry, or another object of your power animal can be a good way to have them around you. Also engaging in journaling or free-writing is another way to connect with your power animal if you do not know how to journey. Knowing how to do shamanic journeying is a wonderful way to deepen your experience and relationship with your power animal.  

Intrusion Removal: During an intrusion removal, we compassionately release anything that is no longer useful for your highest good that may be creating energetic imbalances. These can be earthbound spirits that have not been able to cross over, relatives or friends that haven't crossed over, negative energies, energy vampires, curses from other people, cords from other people, self-imposed energy blocks, past life issues, unhealed ancestral influences, or outdated stories we tell ourselves. By not being influenced by these energies, clients experience feeling lighter and are able to move forward with more clarity.


Soul Retrieval: When we experience trauma, a soul piece may split off and go away to where it will be kept safe. Sometimes soul pieces can stay stuck in the moment of trauma, experiencing it on a loop again and again. There could be a soul thief, which is someone who steals a part of one's soul for their own gain. Sometimes with soul thieving, a piece of someone’s soul is forced upon us without consent, which may create feelings of powerlessness, guilt, shame or other confusing emotions. Without our soul pieces, we may not feel complete, feeling like we are missing something or not quite ourselves. By doing soul retrieval work, you will be reunited with those soul pieces. Not all soul pieces come back all at once. The soul pieces that come back are the ones who feel safe doing so and know you will integrate them and take care of them. It's important that they know you are safe now so now they can be safe too. Sometimes additional work needs to take place before more soul pieces will come back.


It is important that you have no obligations for the rest of the day to allow for the integration of your soul pieces. Engaging in rest and self-care the rest of the day is an important part of the process. Things like eating nourishing foods and teas, avoiding alcohol and mind-altering substances, making an offering to nature, and journaling are wonderful ways to assist this integration process.


Power Retrieval: Sometimes our power is lost or misplaced and we may feel powerless, scrambled or off in some way we may not be able to describe. The shamanic practitioner journeys into non-ordinary reality to find this lost or misplaced power. Power animal retrieval and soul retrieval are two examples of power retrieval. Nature power retrievals can be done to bring back an infusion of power from nature. This acts as a boost of energy that works where it is most needed and then gradually fades over several days.


Shamanic Healing: Shamanic healing techniques and practices are not to be used as a stand-alone treatment in dealing with health or mental conditions. It can be used to assist people with their own personal journey by complementing what they are already doing with their qualified health care provider. It addresses any underlying energetic or spiritual imbalances that may be present. Sometimes when we feel our progress has come to a stand still, shamanic healing techniques may help to release blocked energies restoring the flow of energy and may provide more clarity in how to move forward. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as Power Animal Retrieval, Intrusion Removal, and Soul Retrieval, to name a few. Shamanic healing techniques can be combined with other methods such as energy work, plant spirits, flower essences or energetic elixirs, and may include crystals, drumming, rattling, etc.


Plant Spirit Medicine and Allies: This is a form of shamanic healing where we connect to the plant and tree spirits around us. Through connecting and opening our hearts to them, plants can be our teachers, spiritual healers, and allies. They give the gifts of guidance, support, protection, knowledge, and teaching, assisting us in our healing journey. By connecting with their wisdom, we can experience a deep and satisfying relationship with them. Through working with the spirit of the plant, there is no need to ingest it, rather we are working with the energies and spirit of the plants and trees.


Energetic Systems and Energetic Healing: By working to heal the energies in and around our bodies we are bringing forward additional support for our healing journey. Looking closely at the energy systems and how they are flowing within and around a person’s body, including the chakras, I look for any areas of congestion or sluggishness. At this time I also look for the energetic imprint of any outdated programming, beliefs, or stories you have told yourself in the past that are no longer serving your highest good. This may be impacting your life in undesirable ways. Together we look for ways to rewrite these stories so they may become a source of empowerment rather than continuing to influence your life in negative ways.


Shamanic Advisement: Intuitive shamanic journeys may be done when people feel that they need guidance in an area of their life that may be a struggle for them or perhaps they are seeking greater insight into their life. An intuitive shamanic journey may provide greater clarity for life issues. The shamanic practitioner does a journey and then returns to share what happened in the journey.

Sometimes even when we know how to engage in shamanic journeying for guidance for ourselves, we may feel stuck or feel that we aren’t seeing clearly. We may be in our own way and unable to see other options. If that happens, then it may be helpful to receive a reading or healing from another shamanic practitioner. Usually, this is done after you have done your own journeywork first.

If a person knows how to do shamanic journeying, another option is to come journey while I drum and hold space for you. Often times, if you would like, I journey for you at the same time. After the journey, we discuss the guidance received during our journeys.


Free Writing: Freewriting is when we do our best to clear our mind and write down whatever comes to mind without judging or editing it. This can be a great exercise if we don’t know what to journal about. It can also be a great way to receive communication from your helping spirits if you do not know how to journey yet.


Ancestor Work: It is possible for our ancestors’ unfinished business, difficulties, traumas, and health issues to be carried forward into each generation. When we take up this work of healing our ancestors, it not only heals them, but also creates healing for future generations to come, as well as for ourselves.


Past Lives: It is possible to have issues crop up due to trauma or experiences from a past life. By retracing your unique energetic imprint back to a past life we can discover information that may help in making sense out of a current situation in your life. Sometimes we are able to gain a different perspective that creates more clarity or helps to rewrite an old story we’ve been telling ourselves that is no longer useful. We may be able to energetically heal what happened in that past life and bring the healing forward. There are times we may think we are dealing with a past life issue, but it is really an ancestral issue that must be healed.


Psychopomp: Psychopomp work is when a shamanic practitioner helps earthbound spirits cross over. It's a bit like a counseling session to help them realize what's happened because many times they don't know they have died. Sometimes they need help making that transition, especially if their passing was traumatic or if they are experiencing confusion, guilt, shame, fear, or unfinished business that is blocking their way to crossing over. Sometimes our loved ones who have passed are still around us. This can be because they are worried about us and want to be sure we are ok. When our loved ones do not cross over, we may feel their presence around us, sometimes creating the feeling like we can not let go or move forward and may keep us stuck in feelings of intense grieving. Our loved ones often think they are helping, however, they are much more helpful and powerful once they cross over.


Earthbound spirits can be attracted to us because we remind them of a loved one or they identify with a trauma or issue we are struggling with. They may think they are helping. They can also be attracted to our energy for a variety of reasons. I refer to this as seeing our shiny. When any earthbound spirit is attached to us, we can feel more drained. We can also talk to our ancestors or loved ones who have passed by using psychopomp work. Psychopomp work may also be used in intrusion removals and house clearings.


I am not a medium, nor am I psychic.


House Clearings and Land Healings: House clearings help to remove earthbound spirits or negative energies from a home, business, or other location. This is very similar to an intrusion removal, but for a home or other location. House clearings are usually done in a trance remotely.


Some examples are:

  • when the home does not feel quite right or we feel uneasy being there.

  • when the people in the home seem to have bad luck or people argue a lot.

  • when there seems to be frequent accidents.

  • when there are spirits that have become a problem.


After a home or location has been cleared, it is important to bring healing to it. Land healings are also done in locations where there have been traumatic incidents or toxins that are polluting the land and waters.


Animism: Working from an animist perspective it is believed that everything has its own spirit.


Some example are:

  • your home

  • business and career

  • finances and money

  • the organs in your body

  • chakras

  • illness and dis-ease

  • nature including plants, trees, and rocks

  • locations such as cities and neighborhoods

  • the elements of air, fire, water and earth

  • animals, birds and pets

  • inanimate objects like cars and computers

  • art and the creation of art, music, stories etc.

  • the food and water we put into our bodies

  • supplements, herbs and medications, etc.


Symbolism: Often the realm of spirit communicates in symbolism. While there may be some universal meaning for certain symbols, there may be deeper more personal meanings unique to each person. Using symbols in our lives, they may become clues that could lead us to deeper truths or understandings. Uncovering our unique symbols takes time, research, journaling and even shamanic journeying.

Sometimes symbols may be difficult to understand. When I bring back symbolic information, I will do my best to offer an interpretation, however, that does not always mean it is accurate or correct for you specifically. If anything I interpret for you does not resonate, always go with how you identify it and how you feel about it.


Spirit Work: Spirit work is another way to describe shamanic techniques and practices, as we are working with Spirit and in the spirit world in non-ordinary reality. Spirit work is not an exact science and is not infallible. At times it may be inaccurate or unclear. Our helping spirits communicate the best they can through the ether and sometimes those messages get garbled. Spirit communicates with us through our senses:


  • Images and symbols

  • Emotions and feelings

  • Sensations in our bodies

  • Smell

  • Telepathically

  • Intuition or a sense of knowing (downloads)


Although we do our best to interpret these messages to the best of our abilities, we may get it wrong. Our interpretation can be influenced by how we are feeling. Did we get enough sleep? Are we hungry? Are we not feeling well or recovering from an illness? These and other factors can influence our ability to interpret these messages.

I am not always right. It is important to add your own voice and intuition to the process. Sometimes I share these cloudy images, even if I don’t fully understand them, because it may have meaning for you in some regard that I can not know, or it may be the beginning of a chain reaction of thinking that leads you to what does have meaning for you.


Again, I am not a medium nor am I psychic. I am not a mind reader. I rely on the guidance of my helping spirits, my intuition and empathic abilities, along with 18 years of experience using shamanic techniques. I tend to pick up on patterns and notice small details.

Spell Work: I add this here because in the past I have been asked to work spells for people. I do not offer this service, so please do not ask. I believe we all have free will, and that we can use our free will to overcome what some think of as fate or destiny. I also believe that it is important not to manipulate other people's free will. Ethically, all we can do is focus on ourselves and how we choose to respond to a situation by going within and doing our own personal inner work, which is much more powerful than trying to manipulate someone through spell work.


If you are interesting in learning how to use physical items in a symbolic way to create opportunities for your own personal growth and manifestation, I can guide you through that process. Sometimes it may be helpful to have a physical representation of that which you desire to manifest in your life.

If you are open to it, I will also recommend ways in which you can cleanse and clear your body and home.


Nature: Many of us have become disconnected to nature in our modern ways of living. Connecting with nature and the elements is everyone’s birthright and can be very healing in many ways. Time in nature allows us to unplug, slow down, and create time for mindfulness, which may assist in reducing stress and help us to feel more grounded. Being barefoot on the grass or beach allows us to tap into the Earth energy and use it for our own sense of health and wellbeing. Hugging a tree can be healing and comforting to our hearts.


Medicine: Medicine is a word that is used to describe a person, location, object, event, nature, etc. have a spiritual or sacred power or energy of mystic potency. There is good medicine and bad medicine. Good medicine would have a positive impact, while bad medicine would have a negative impact. It is believed that people are born with a specific type of medicine to bring into the world. Sometimes people gain medicine when having difficult experiences.


Magick: This is my personal definition of magick. At times I may use it to describe energy, vibes, gifts, or medicine.

There are two kinds of "magic". Magic is not real. It is sleight of hand, an illusion, it's a trick like that of a magic show. It fools us into false belief. Magic asks us to believe in things that are shallow, hollow, and without deep meaning. Magic is an illusion.

Magick is quite different. It is deep, soulful, and is very real. It dwells within us and around us, we have only forgotten. It is part of our own personal power.


A light, a flame, a spark of the Divine within. It's what tells us that there is something more than what can be seen with our eyes. It is felt in our hearts, and our minds can not always explain its vastness.


It connects us to the energy of the Moon, the Earth, and constellations of stars that reach out through eternity. It is the sparkling sunlight on the waves of the lake. The warm breeze that caresses our face in the springtime or the cool silky feeling of the moonlight on our skin. Dewdrops on grass as the morning sun rises with a tiny sun reflected in each of those dewdrops. Twilight at the end of the day and the sparkle of the starlight in the night sky.

It is the connection to all that is. Each one of us may have a different name for this, but when we feel it in our hearts, it feels like coming home.

Do not mistake that magick is not a part of your life. It is all around you. You only need notice and reclaim it.


Working Remotely: Since the spirit realm and non-ordinary reality are not bound by time and space, shamanic techniques and practices can be done remotely with good results. I will either do the work while I am on the phone or video conference with you, or I can do the work remotely without you being present. If you are not present, we still set up a time for when your session begins. At your appointment time you will quietly sit or lay down while relaxing and doing some focused breathing. Meanwhile I am doing the work on your behalf. When I am finished I will call or text you and I will share with you what happened.


Compassionate Helping Spirits: Our compassionate helping spirits are our guides. They will always be positive and helpful, working on our behalf with our best interests in mind. They may show us difficult truths in order to help us on our healing journey, however, we always maintain free will at all times.


Some examples are:

  • power animals and other animal allies

  • plant and nature allies

  • our higher selves

  • ancestors

  • angelic beings

  • master teachers

  • Gods, Goddesses, the Universe, Creator, or whomever you identify as the Divine.


Ceremony: Ceremonies are held for many reasons. Sometimes it can be an observance of a milestone in our lives, such as coming of age ceremonies such as a girls First Blood ceremony, rites of passage, initiations, Blessingways for expectant mothers, baby blessings, women’s healing ceremonies and womb blessings, weddings, life celebrations, or any other transition that is important in your life that you would like to have observed. Ceremony can also be used to assist us in letting things go or bringing things into our lives. It can be used to observe the changing of seasons, full moons, and new moons, or other days or times that are significant. It may also be used to observe difficult life changes like surgery, hysterectomy, miscarriage, choosing to end a pregnancy, the passing of a loved one, and any other event that may be difficult or bring up feelings of sorrow. Our helping spirits can show us simple ceremonies that help to ground the work we do in the spiritual realms into our physical reality. Ceremonies may be simple daily practices done with intention that bring more peace into our lives.


Shamanic Journeying: I highly recommend shamanic journeying as an addition to coaching and mentoring. Journeying enables us you to have your own experience that will directly connect you with your compassionate helping spirits so that you are able to receive guidance and information that can be used to help solve problems in your daily life. Your spiritual experiences can deepen and dormant abilities are reawakened, allowing for more connection and healing in your life. You are able to gain insight into personal questions and challenges specific to your life. Through this guidance you are able to restore your power and access health and healing, not only for yourself, but for others and the Earth as well. You are able to reconnect with nature and the elements, as well as your ancestors and other guides which is your birthright. You can remember who you are so you are better equipped to know where you are going. With these tools you can move forward empowered with added clarity, experiencing more ease and flow in your day-to-day lives.


Last Word: The information above are the ways I perceive things and the way I work, which may or may not change over time. This does not mean that everyone uses the same terminology or that they work in the same way as I do. Shamanic practitioners all tend to have differences in how they approach this work, although you may see many basic similarities.

Private Sessions

30 minute session: $50.00 - Suitable for power animal retrievals (includes handouts), check-in’s, receiving focused energy work, focused chakra work, focused clearings, and infusions of power.

90 minute session: $150.00 - Suitable for most shamanic work with the exception of soul retrieval. This includes sessions for private mentorship, training, and learning how to practice shamanic journeying.

Soul Retrievals: $300.00 - Soul retrieval sessions are generally up to two hours in length. This also includes a flower essence spray, other materials, and a check-in over phone or Zoom 2 weeks later. It is important that you take the rest of the day to take it easy, rest, and allow your soul essences to reintegrate.


Introduction to Shamanic Journeying: Group instruction $150 per person for a full day (7 hours) of immersive training or $250 for two days. Minimum of six people required for this workshop.


New Client Package: $450.00

  • Two hours of shamanic journeying instruction. Includes power animal retrieval and handouts.

  • One-hour Intrusion Removal.

  • Two-hour Soul Retrieval.


*Discounted packages are available for long term committed clients and students.


Connect with me HERE to schedule an appointment with me.

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