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The Journey

The Journey is a visual chronicle spanning from 2018 to 2023, capturing moments in the Pacific Northwest on the Oregon Coast, within my family's wooded sanctuary, and amid the flourishing life of my garden and yard. Initially, these vignettes were spontaneous captures, fragments of time that resonated with personal significance.


As I revisit and compile these clips in 2023, a narrative unfolds—unplanned yet deeply profound. The Journey now encapsulates my voyage of healing, a tapestry woven from nature's wisdom and the evolution of my own understanding. Each frame is a testament to the therapeutic dialogue between myself and the natural world, a silent exchange that has been both witness and catalyst to transformation.


The deliberate choice of a square format for "The Journey" serves as a visual metaphor, providing a unique perspective on the narrative within. Unlike traditional rectangular frames, the square format invites a focused and intimate viewing experience, directing attention to the essence of each moment captured. The square, inherently balanced and symmetrical, acts as a harmonious container for the diverse snippets of nature's wisdom and personal reflections. 


In this video, I invite the viewer to traverse landscapes that mirror my own inner terrain, witness the dance of woodland giants, and listen to the whispers carried by the wind. The Journey is a mosaic of moments, a visual poem documenting the beauty found in simplicity, the therapeutic balm of nature, and the ever-unfolding path of self-discovery.

















Viewing Note: Video plays when clicking the play button in the center. Additional Controls: After video begins, hover over the right side of the video to reveal the sound icon (lower right corner). Higher above the sound icon, there is a pop-out icon. Clicking on this will play the video in a pop-out window that can then be made to fit your screen.

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I am truly honored that 'The Journey' was recognized with an award at the 4th Annual Visions of Self International Art Show for Women. To have my work acknowledged in such a remarkable showcase of female artists from around the world is a humbling and inspiring experience. This acknowledgment not only celebrates the personal journey I've shared through my art but also serves as a reminder of the transformative power of self-expression and creative storytelling.

You can still see Visions of Self 2024 and past shows online at

As a token of appreciation for your continued support, I'm offering a downloadable PDF gift, featuring the inspirational poem from "The Journey" and thought-provoking journal prompts. These prompts enhance and deepen your connection with the video, guiding self-reflection and personal growth. Take a quiet moment to explore your emotions and experiences as you embrace the process of self-discovery. Click the PDF icon to download.

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The Journey: Pathways of Healing and Self-Discovery

Deep Breath.

Standing in the storm...


Longing. Seeking.

The journey begins.

The moon above lights my way

in each phase of my journey.

The Earth below gently supports

my every step along the path.

Water flowing. Hope growing.

Listening with each step.

Embers hold the promise

of a blazing fire coming to life.

The woodland giants dance.

The wind chants.

Upon the wind came an answer.

Beauty and magic,

are born in secret places...
Look within.

Find the light in the dark.
Dance the shadowdance.

Be open to wonder.

Watch the clouds tell their stories.

Listen to the rain dance.

Nourish and nurture

mind, body, and spirit.

See with a new perspective.

Cultivate ease and flow.

Kindle your passions.


Make a wish.

Talk to the bees.

Cleanse toxic energies.

Spend time with trees.

Be gentle with your self.

Connect with nature.

With each step,

...journey within...

and discover new worlds.

Rest and wait...

for the promise of Spring returning.

Plant the seeds of transformation.


Embrace Joy.

Be flexible along the way.

Protect your energy.

Release to make room for growth.

Emotions flow, grounded below.

Life goes by so quickly...

Slow down.

Embrace your magic.

Be bravely you.

You are enough.

Welcome Home.

The End

In every ending, a new beginning awaits.

© Copyright 2024 Karmen Naccarato.

All Rights Reserved.


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