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Love Notes

from my clients and students.

“Karmen introduced me to my power animal and taught me how to journey to the Upper and Lower Worlds with drum and rattle rhythms. Each journey has been an amazing experience that brings inspiration and guidance -- inspiring me to make powerful changes in my life. What I appreciate most about Karmen’s guidance is her special attention to the details in explaining the process, while still allowing me to discover and experience all the wonderful mysteries of journey work; as well as making sure that I felt safe, comfortable and empowered as I progressed through each step. I’m very much looking forward to taking more classes from Karmen and participating in her monthly journey circles.” ~Joan


“As an empath myself, I seldom allow folks to read for me. Karmen is one of those rare folks whom I trust beyond measure. Incredibly gifted, many of the insights she passed along to me a year ago are still presenting themselves with accuracy. Some of those message have, of late, helped me negotiate a very rough season in my life. Clearing out the negative and letting me get back on track! I have been truly blessed to not only know Karmen, but to have had her giver [give] her gift to me with the gentleness and grace that only she can offer.” ~Sarah


I sought Karmen out because I heard she had a unique understanding and knowledge of how to go about creating an honorable business approach. we had a fabulous support session over the phone where she shared many, many insights from both a practical approach, but also a spiritual approach. Thank you karmen! I am grateful for your wisdom - Sallie


"I love Karmen's Journey workshop and Journey get together. She has a kind, positive energy about her that makes her a good instructor. This workshop gives you tools to use to explore your inner self and get guidance to help you understand yourself. Very worthwhile workshop." ~Barbara


"For those who wish to begin shamanic journeying, I highly recommend this workshop." ~Ted


"I am so glad that I am learning how to shamanic journey! Karmen Naccarato is an AMAZING teacher! I so recommend her class to EVERYONE! This is a very valuable tool to rediscovering ourselves. Every journey I do is an amazing experience! " ~Daniel


"The Shamanic Workshops are lead & taught by Karmen Naccarato. Karmen Naccarato is a very soft, thorough teacher of her craft. I was rooted & thus enlightened by her brave & well thought out leadership skills. Karmen has spent many years developing her teaching style which is evident in my ability to trust her guidance. I suggest to all peoples that you bless yourself with all the classes that Karmen makes available...both public & private. She will single handily bring you into a clarity of mind, body, soul, spirit & beyond. Many thanks to you Karmen for gracefully teaching our group with the loving kindness that [you] so freely bestowed upon us." ~Seth


"Karmen has an intuitive understanding of dreams and what they symbolize. She has a talent for finding the hidden meanings in dreams so that you can better understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Dreams can often seem chaotic and confusing, or they can seem like they are just coming “out of the blue” and have no relation to what is going on in your life. Karmen can help you sort through all of that. I highly recommend her services.” ~Deborah

"Working with Karmen has greatly helped me overcome some energetic blocks I have been dealing with. She is intuitively connected knowing names of places of true historical events in my life. Karmen is trustworthy and dependable and extremely dedicated to her path as a healer. The information I have received through Karmen is helping me work through some past traumas and blockages that continue to affect me on an energetic level. I highly recommend her if you are truly seeking to move past old hurts and move forward with your true life path.”



"Sharing this workshop assisted in the huge shifts in my life and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested as well as a session with Karmen Naccarato!! She is an incredibly powerful healer and teacher! Thank you Karmen." ~Amber

Original photography by Karmen Naccarato

"When I divorced my x-husband, I sought out Karmen to help me do a soul retrieval because I was being plagued with strange dreams & random thoughts. Having taken her journey class before, & trusting her as my teacher, I was sure she could assist me. We live far from one another, so I decided to do a phone session out of convenience for both of our schedules. The session played out normal & Karmen kept me on the phone the entire time, telling me her insights and also revealing interesting details that she couldn't have known from our previous conversations. I was given follow-up ideas & also a follow-up call to ensure the work was effective...and it was very effective! Immediately after, and ever since, I've had peace and a new level of understanding. Dare I say - even a deep seated forgiveness for him despite everything, and for myself. I have & would recommend Karmen to anyone feeling called to heal deeply; her approach is very loving & non-judgmental. If you're hesitant to do long-distance work over the phone, at least try once because her potency & effectiveness is just as strong as it is when you're in person." -Private Student

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Original photography by Karmen Naccarato

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