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Power Animal Retrieval

Are you are feeling disconnected or like you've lost your power? Are you going through a difficult time and need some support? Maybe you feel like you are struggling with your business, career, or job search? Or perhaps you've always been curious about what your power animal would be. There are so many reasons to receive a power animal retrieval.


In addition to Power Animal retrievals being done in person, this can also can be done through a Zoom video conference, over the phone, and even through email. For more information about the effectiveness of doing spiritual work over long distances click HERE.


What is a power animal? A power animal is a guide, teacher, and protector. They are like guardian spirits or angels. Some people believe we are born with a spirit animal and at some point in our life, we can lose connection with them and thereby losing our power and energy, which causes us to feel out of sorts. By having a power animal retrieval, we restore the connection between our power animal and us, which restores our energy and power. Power animals can also come into our lives to teach us valuable lessons for our own healing journey and spiritual growth. By having a power animal, we can call on them for assistance during times of struggle, stress, difficulties, fearfulness, etc. They can bring us support, comfort, courage, and guidance.














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