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I created these moon calendars to include the representation of the phase of the Dark Moon. Many people I know, including myself, wanted a calendar to use that would include this very important time during the cycle of the moon.


Most calendars show the date for the New Moon and the Dark Moon is skipped over entirely. In my practice, the Dark Moon is on the date of the New Moon, as well as the day before. I observe the New Moon the day after the common date on calendars. For ease of use and less confusion, I’ve kept the common dates of the New Moon and acknowledged the Dark Moon on the day before. Use them as you see fit.


The time of the Dark Moon and New Moon is the threshold of the betwixt and between. A time when we can both let things die and stir the cauldron of creation. We get to choose where our focus lies depending on our intention.


Use the 28-day moon tracker to live more in sync with the phases of the moon. Track mood, activities, moontime, gardening, or anything else you would like to track through the phases of the moon.


  • Downloadable PDF file: Download straight to your computer. You can read it on your computer and also print it out.
  • Includes my moon phase chart in two sizes. The larger size is for if you would like to slide it into a plastic sleeve and place it into a binder or hang it on a wall. The smaller size is set up so it can be printed out and punch holes to put into a binder without a plastic sleeve.
  • Meanings of each moon phase.
  • 28-day Moon Tracking Calendar with instructions for use.


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Moon Chart and Moon Tracker

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