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Private Sessions and Mentorship
Spirit Healing. Soul Retrieval. Intrusion Removal. Spiritual Counseling. Earth Connection. Shamanic Journey Meditation Instruction.
Private Sessions. Mentorship. Workshops. 

What is a shamanic practitioner? A shamanic practitioner has received training to safely navigate the unseen realms of spirit to bring back transformational energy, wisdom, information, and guidance by directly interacting with compassionate helping spirits. A shamanic practitioner is a spirit worker, a messenger, and conduit working as a bridge between our human world of ordinary reality and the spirit world of non-ordinary reality.

What is contemporary shamanic practice?
Shamanic practices have been found throughout the world in many cultures and are believed to be the oldest spiritual practice known to us, dating back to 100,000 years ago.

Contemporary shamanic practices are a westernized modern version based on these ancient spiritual practices, which has been synthesized from many sources to suit our modern times. While these practices are deeply connected with nature and based on ancient earth cherishing spirituality, they do not include any indigenous cultural influence or lineage attached to them. We get to create ceremonies and new traditions based on working in direct collaboration with our helping spirits: spirit guides, ancestors, plant and animal allies, nature spirits, etc.

Information gathered in a shamanic way may not always be literal; instead, it is often using symbolism and metaphor that we then have to decipher. Shamanic practices can also include animism. Working from an animist perspective, it is believed that everything has its own spirit: your home, business and career, finances and money, the organs in your body, chakras, illness and dis-ease, animals and pets, nature, plants and trees, rocks, locations such as cities and neighborhoods, inanimate objects like cars and computers, art and the creation of art, music and stories, the food and water we put into our bodies, supplements, herbs and medications, etc. Looking at situations in an animistic way helps us to decipher the messages being given to us so that we can find deeper meaning in our experiences.

What is shamanic energy healing?

Shamanic energy healing only addresses spiritual energies, not physical, and assists us in our healing process by addressing any underlying energetic or spiritual imbalances that may be present. These imbalances can impact our sense of health and wellbeing in negative ways. Sometimes when we feel our progress has come to a standstill, shamanic energy techniques may help to release blocked energies, restoring the flow of energy and may provide more clarity in how to move forward.


Shamanic energy healing techniques and practices are not to be used as a stand-alone treatment in dealing with physical or mental health conditions, rather they are used to complement, not replace, the healthcare you are receiving from a qualified health professional.


Shamanic practices are intended to only address the spiritual and/or energetic patterns that create imbalance. I am only a guide and ally in your own discovery process and healing journey. I do not heal you. I hold space for you as an ally for you to remember your own ability to heal as you work through your own healing process.

Shamanic Practitioner
Energy Heal

Contemporary Shamanic Practices


Power Animal Retrieval: A power animal is a guide, teacher, and protector. They are guardian spirits. We are born with an animal guide and at some point in our life we lose connection with them, which may cause us to feel out of sorts and disconnected or we may experience feeling powerless. By having a power animal retrieval, the connection between you and your power animal is restored. People can also have more than one power animal during their lifetime. Power animals can also come into our lives to teach us valuable lessons for our own healing journey and spiritual growth. By having a power animal, we can call on them for assistance and support during difficult or challenging times. They can bring us support, comfort, courage, and guidance. Power animals can also be retrieved for your business, career, etc.

Shamanic Journey Meditation: I highly recommend shamanic journeying. Journeying enables you to have your own experience, connecting you with your compassionate helping spirits to receive guidance and information directly from them. Spiritual experiences deepen and you are able to gain insight into personal questions and challenges specific to your life. Journeying can help you to reconnect with nature and yourself in deep and profound ways. With these tools you can move forward empowered with added clarity, experiencing more ease and flow in your day-to-day life.

Plant Spirit Medicine and Allies: This is a form of shamanic healing that comes from connecting to the plant and tree spirits around us. Through this connection and opening our hearts to them, plants can be our teachers, spiritual healers, and allies. They give the gifts of guidance, support, protection, knowledge, and teaching, assisting us in our healing journey. By connecting with their wisdom, we can experience a deep and satisfying relationship with them. Through working with the spirit of the plant, there is no need to ingest it, rather we are working with the energies and spirit of the plants and trees.

Porous Biofield: Being porous means our energy field (aura/biofield) has holes in it. This causes us to be easily influenced by the energies around us that do not belong to us. We can become susceptible to outside influences, other people's emotions, chaotic or toxic energies, energy vampires, earthbound spirits, and more. Our own energy may even be leaking out of these holes. This may leave us experiencing feelings like something isn’t quite right, we feel scrambled, we may feel as though we have less energy, and we may have feelings of being powerless or loss of vital energy. This can be especially difficult for those who are already naturally empathic.

Past Lives: It is possible to have issues crop up due to trauma or experiences from a past life. By retracing your unique energetic imprint back to a past life we can discover information that may help in making sense out of a current situation in your life. Sometimes we are able to gain a different perspective that creates more clarity or helps to rewrite an old story we’ve been telling ourselves that is no longer useful. We may be able to energetically heal what happened in that past life and bring the healing forward. There are times we may think we are dealing with a past life issue, but it is really an ancestral issue that must be healed.

Ancestor Healing: It is possible for our ancestors’ unfinished business, difficulties, traumas, and health issues to be carried forward into each generation. When we take up this work of healing our ancestors, it not only heals them, but also creates healing for future generations to come, as well as for ourselves.

Intrusion Removal: During an intrusion removal, we compassionately release anything that is no longer useful for your highest good that may be creating energetic imbalances. These can be earthbound spirits that have not been able to cross over, relatives or friends that haven't crossed over, negative energies, energy vampires, curses from other people, cords from other people, self-imposed energy blocks, past life issues, unhealed ancestral influences, or outdated stories we tell ourselves. By not being influenced by these energies, clients experience feeling lighter and are able to move forward with more clarity.

Soul Retrieval: When we experience trauma, a soul piece may split off and go away to where it will be kept safe. Sometimes soul pieces can stay stuck in the moment of trauma, experiencing it on a loop again and again. There could be a soul thief, which is someone who steals a part of one's soul for their own gain. Sometimes with soul thieving, a piece of someone’s soul is forced upon us without consent, which may create feelings of powerlessness, guilt, shame or other confusing emotions. Without our soul pieces, we may not feel complete, feeling like we are missing something or not quite ourselves. By doing soul retrieval work, you will be reunited with those soul pieces. Not all soul pieces come back all at once. The soul pieces that come back are the ones who feel safe doing so and know you will integrate them and take care of them. It's important that they know you are safe now so now they can be safe too. Sometimes additional work needs to take place before more soul pieces will come back.

Power Retrieval: Sometimes our power is lost or misplaced and we may feel powerless, scrambled or off in some way we may not be able to describe. The shamanic practitioner journeys into non-ordinary reality to find this lost or misplaced power. Power animal retrieval and soul retrieval are two examples of power retrieval. Nature power retrievals can be done to bring back an infusion of power from nature. This acts as a boost of energy that works where it is most needed and then gradually fades over several days.

Psychopomp: Psychopomp work is when a shamanic practitioner helps earthbound spirits cross over. It's a bit like a counseling session to help them realize what's happened because many times they don't know they have died. Sometimes they need help making that transition, especially if their passing was traumatic or if they are experiencing confusion, guilt, shame, fear, or unfinished business that is blocking their way to crossing over. Sometimes our loved ones who have passed are still around us. This can be because they are worried about us and want to be sure we are ok. When our loved ones do not cross over, we may feel their presence around us, sometimes creating the feeling like we can not let go or move forward and may keep us stuck in feelings of intense grieving. Our loved ones often think they are helping, however, they are much more helpful and powerful once they cross over.

PRIVATE SESSIONS: Due to COVID-19 virus, all sessions are offered through phone, Zoom, or email.


30-minute session: $50.00

60-minute session: $100.00

90-minute session: $150.00

2-hour session: $200.00

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

Private instruction: $200.00 for 2 hour session.

Group instruction: $150.00 per person for a full day (7 hours) of immersive training or $250 for two days. Minimum of six people required for group workshops.

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Phone or Zoom Video Conference Sessions: A great way to receive guidance and support from the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Phone or Zoom video conference sessions are available for anyone who would like to work with me, but may not be able to have a session with me in person due to illness or distance. All of the services I offer can be done remotely over the phone or Zoom and even through email. One of the many wonderful abilities of shamanic work is it can be done remotely without the recipient physically being with me in person. This is possible because we are working in the energetic realm of Spirit, known as non-ordinary reality where time, space, and distance are not a factor in benefiting from this work.
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