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"Blocked" explores the human experience of times in our lives when we feel stuck, fragmented, and stagnant. It portrays a vulnerable space where we may feel lost and questioning. In this pause, we may have an inner knowing that the solution will not come from outside of ourselves.

The process of moving forward requires a deliberate and mindful reconstruction, gathering up scattered pieces and slowly sewing them back together one by one over time. In this contemplative space, this blocked energy can begin to be shifted by replacing resistance with surrender.

The artwork reflects the journey of desiring to overcome barriers and acknowledging that solutions are often elusive. The transformative process, once initiated, leads to a shifting of energy, though this may require patience and unwavering trust in the process, even slow progress or moments of apparent stagnation. In these moments, it is important to be gentle with ourselves.

Rather than a linear narrative of overcoming obstacles, "Blocked" prompts a deeper contemplation of finding peace even when we feel stuck. It invites viewers to trust that their quiet moments of struggle and challenges are a part of the ebb and flow of existence.

"Blocked" (Digital Photography + Digital Collage) © Copyright 2024 Karmen Naccarato. All Rights Reserved.

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