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"Resilient," emerged from a photograph I took during a challenging period in my ongoing journey with chronic illness.

Much like the resilience demonstrated in a butterfly's metamorphosis, Butterfly reminds me that I am also resilient, possessing an inner strength that allows me to endure and adapt through the twists and turns of my personal health journey. This fragile yet resilient nature of Butterfly echoes the strength required to navigate the complexities of health challenges and the inner fortitude required in the process of setbacks and progress, the dismantling and rebuilding that comes with this healing journey. Butterfly inspires me to remain hopeful and that the potential for positive change and growth, even within the confines of chronic illness, is possible. Butterfly's ability to persevere and thrive after emerging from the chrysalis represents an unwavering spirit, continually adjusting to new realities and finding ways to flourish amidst challenges.

As an ally, Butterfly becomes a companion through the vast expanse of an unpredictable journey. Just as the butterfly navigates its surroundings with grace, individuals facing chronic illness can draw inspiration to traverse their own uncertain paths with determination and resilience.

"Resilient" (Digital Photography + Digital Collage) © Copyright Karmen Naccarato. All Rights Reserved.


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