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"Shadows." originated from a photograph of myself, incorporating crow images sourced from various personal photographs. Additionally, digitized vintage ephemera about the moon's phases was utilized.

This digital collage describes a journey of personal discovery and transformation through rootedness, shadow exploration, and connection with nature. The Sun and Moon cast shadows, creating pathways for introspection. These shadows become storytellers, unveiling concealed narratives that were once invisible to us or ignored. Finding the light in the dark becomes our lantern, guiding us through the labyrinth of our shadows.

Stars are celestial symbols that evoke a sense of wonder and possibility, representing guidance, inspiration, and hope. The moon is a powerful symbol of cycles, femininity, and transformation. Different phases may signify different stages of life or emotions. Spirals are often associated with personal growth, journeys, and the cyclical nature of life. Spirals can also represent an ongoing process of self-discovery, compassion, and nurturing, as well as new life and growth. Eclipses occur in cyclical patterns, echoing the cyclical nature of shadow work.

This idea aligns with the concept that facing and integrating our shadow aspects leads to personal growth, inviting us into an ongoing journey of exploring, confronting, and integrating different aspects of each individual's unique story.

"Shadows" (Digital Photography + Digital Collage) © Copyright 2024 Karmen Naccarato. All Rights Reserved.


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