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Spiral Staircase

"Spiral Staircase", a black and white photo taken at the Yaquina Head Lighthouse on the Oregon Coast, is an image that embodies a journey of strength and resilience. Lighthouses, symbols of guidance, shine a light through dark and turbulent seas, serving as beacons in challenging times.

Climbing the spiral staircase to the lighthouse light posed a personal challenge due to chronic illness and a fear of heights. Despite these obstacles, each step became a testament to the courage of facing fear and navigating toward the awaiting light.

Reflecting on this experience, the photograph captures the transformative power found in navigating through challenges. It represents the bravery we all need to face our fears so that we can move forward, become more grounded and confident within ourselves, and ultimately find our way towards the light in even the darkest of times. In a world full of uncertainty and challenges, the lighthouse reminds us that there is always a guiding light that can help us find our way home.

"Spiral Staircase" (Digital Photography) © Copyright 2024 Karmen Naccarato. All Rights Reserved.


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