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Healing Our Earth, Healing Ourselves: A Journey Towards Harmony

Today is Earth Day. I'm sitting here enjoying my morning coffee at my desk while the sun shines into my studio. I can hear the birds singing and crows cawing outside my window. I'm excited for the gardening season that's just around the corner. Pretty soon, wildflowers and morel mushrooms will be popping up on my family's forested land, too. I'm really looking forward to enjoying forest walks and gardening again after the months of winter. 

Gardening has always been an essential part of my life and healing journey. When I was growing up, my grandmother and my mom always had a garden, so it was natural for me to have my own garden, too. In my garden, I cultivate the plants and flowers with care, singing to them with spontaneous melodies and chants that arise in the moment. These songs float away on the wind and may never be repeated. I also talk to the bees and tell them how our household is doing and what's happening in the world. I share my sorrows and joys with them, too. I wish the garden a cheery "Good Morning, Everyone!" with my morning coffee in hand. I talk to the plants and tell them they are doing a great job. This is part of developing a deep and reciprocal relationship with the plants in my garden.

I've lived here all my life, and I can't help but notice how much the weather has changed. Even in just the last 20 years, temperatures can shift wildly from one day to the next sometimes, and it feels like climate change is playing a role. Wildfires have become a regular and expected part of our summers now. When I was a kid, we'd see some fires, but they weren't as frequent and widespread across the Western United States or as destructive as they are today. The impact on people and the environment feels overwhelming.

The smoke isn't just from the forest—it's from houses, which means chemicals and plastics are also in the air. It's heartbreaking to think of people losing their homes and whole towns burning down. The smoke is awful for everyone's health, but because of the chronic illness I live with, the chemicals in the smoke cause me to get really sick when I'm outside during fire season. I even have to wear a respirator to garden, which feels like something out of an apocalyptic movie. But the plants still need watering, so I do what I must.

Reconnecting with Nature

Nature's innate wisdom and resilience have always inspired me to cultivate a deeper connection with the Earth. Engaging in earth-based spiritual practices, such as plant spirit medicine and mindfulness in Nature, has helped me tap into a profound source of inner strength and healing. These practices have deepened my bond with the plants in my garden and taught me valuable lessons about balance, harmony, and interconnectedness.

In an increasingly fast-paced and disconnected world, spending time in Nature offers us a chance to slow down and remember our place within the intricate web of life. By embracing the wisdom of the Earth and acknowledging our interconnectedness, we can find solace and comfort amid life's challenges. This spiritual connection to Nature reminds us of our roots and supports our healing journey by providing stress relief and nourishment for our spirits.

Nurturing our planet necessitates both individual and collective efforts. As we educate ourselves about environmental issues and the impacts of climate change, we become better equipped to make informed choices and contribute to positive change. Becoming mindful consumers, supporting businesses and companies committed to sustainable practices, and advocating for environmental protection in our communities are essential steps toward fostering a healthier, more resilient Earth.

Recognizing that individual actions may sometimes feel small in the face of a global challenge like climate change, it is crucial to remember that every effort counts. By initiating change through small, manageable steps in our personal lives and progressively extending these efforts to our local neighborhoods and communities, we have the power to generate a significant and enduring impact. Collaborating with local environmental organizations, participating in clean-up events, and encouraging sustainable practices among friends and family are ways to extend our individual efforts and inspire broader change.

At some point, our society lost its connection with Nature, and we forgot about the wisdom and guidance it offers. By repairing our relationship with the Earth, we can bridge the gap and rediscover our inherent interconnectedness with the natural world. 

When we cultivate our bond with Nature, we open ourselves to its transformative power and create a foundation for personal and collective empowerment. This stronger connection reminds us that we are a part of a greater whole, motivating us to take meaningful action in caring for our planet. Recognizing that our personal actions form part of a greater collective effort, we can accept our responsibility as caretakers of our planet and strive for a future rooted in sustainability. By addressing our disconnection from Nature, we heal our spirits and create a healthier, more balanced world for everyone.

Embracing Earth Day

Earth Day, which was first proposed by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970, serves as an annual reminder to pause, reflect, and reevaluate our relationship with Nature and the environment. Since its inception, Earth Day has grown into a global event that continues to inspire collective action. For more information about Earth Day's history and impact, please visit the Wikipedia page dedicated to the topic:

Earth Day holds a special significance in my heart. It serves as an annual reminder to pause, reflect, and reevaluate our relationship with Nature and the environment. During this time, I take the opportunity to evaluate where I can improve my environmental efforts and set goals for the coming year. Over the years, I have also developed personal traditions to celebrate Earth Day, such as dedicating extra time to sit in nature and listen to the wisdom it has to share.

However, I believe the true essence of Earth Day lies in recognizing that every day should be Earth Day. Our actions and choices each day have a direct impact on our planet, and it is essential to cultivate an ongoing awareness and connection with the Earth. By embracing the idea that Earth Day is every day, we transform our mindset and commit ourselves to living in harmony with Nature all year round.

On this Earth Day, I invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of Nature and reconnect with our shared roots. Take a moment to step outside, breathe in the fresh air, and feel the Earth beneath your feet. As the sun's warmth touches your skin, remember the deep bond we hold with the Earth and the wisdom it holds for those who listen. By healing our relationship with Nature and the Earth, we empower ourselves to take action and encourage others to do the same. Together, let us embrace the challenge and celebrate the beauty of the Earth, ensuring a vibrant and harmonious home for generations to come.

To help you deepen your connection with Nature and the Earth, I am offering a free Nature Connection Mini-Guide in my online shop: This valuable resource provides practices, activities, affirmations, and journal prompts to help you nurture your bond with the natural world. Additionally, don't forget to watch "The Journey," an award-winning video that beautifully illustrates the transformative power of connecting with Nature. These complimentary resources are here to support and inspire you on your journey towards a more harmonious and sustainable relationship with our planet.

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